Steps to File A Whiplash Compensation Claim

In UK claimants are given the right to ask for compensation if they have been injured in a road traffic accident. The steps listed in this article are easy to follow and by following these steps claimants can increase their chances of getting maximum compensation for whiplash compensation claims.

Step #1 –Soon after the road traffic accident occurs the claimant should check if he or the other driver has been injured. Claimants are advised to call an ambulance as soon as possible if anyone has been seriously injured. If no one has been seriously injured then the claimant can visit a general practitioner to get his injuries checked as soon as he finishes the formalities at the scene of the accident.

Step #2 – While at the scene of the accident the claimant should finish all formalities like taking pictures of the scene of the accident, exchanging contact information, noting down the street name, noting down the number of passenger’s in the other driver’s vehicle and noting down the extent of damage to his own vehicle along with the other person’s vehicle. The claimant should also call the police and get a copy of the police report for the accident. While submitting the whiplash compensation claim the copy of this report will have to be submitted.

Step #3 – To get maximum compensation for whiplash compensation claims the claimant will have to get his injuries treated. Claimants should remember that all injuries should be checked and pain in the neck, shoulder or upper back should be taken seriously since these are the symptoms of whiplash injuries. If the claimant notices any new symptoms such as stiffness in the upper body then he should visit a doctor right away. Postponing treatment will cause the whiplash injuries to worsen.

Step #4 – The claimant should inform his doctor about the accident while they go for a check-up. This helps the doctor get a better understanding of the injury and also ensures that there is an official note of the accident in the claimant’s medical files. The claimant should also collect documents like medical papers with diagnosis, treatment bills, treatment receipts, prescriptions and similar documents since these documents prove that the claimant suffered a personal injury for which he got treated.

Step #5 – Before filing the whiplash compensation claim the claimant should consult a no win no fee personal injury solicitor. The selected personal injury solicitor will help the claimant understand the various proofs required and the solicitor will also help the claimant will claim related tasks. The personal injury solicitor will also complete important claim related tasks such as representing the claimant in court, taking copies of various documents, talking to the witness, dealing with the other party, negotiating with adjusters or insurance companies and guiding the claimant throughout the process.

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