Stolen Vehicle Involved In Hit & Run. Being Sued.?

My vehicle was stolen, was then recovered by the police in another city. While the vehicle was stolen, it was involved in a hit and run, driver / theif was never caught, however they got the plates and now the people who got hit, are sueing for personal injuries. They tried to go after insurance, however insurance denied the claim, so now they are trying to sue me (2007) and the accident happened 2 years ago, August 2005. The description in the police report for the driver at the time, does not match the profile of the owner (me). Do these people even have a case against me, or is it just a waste of time? Can I counter sue for anything here?

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7 Responses to “Stolen Vehicle Involved In Hit & Run. Being Sued.?”

  1. CGIV76 Says:

    They’re are just following advice, most likely from an attorney. You may have to retain an attorney just to protect your rights, but according to your information, there is no case against you. There is nothing to counter sue for at this point.

  2. imapirateaarr Says:

    I would think if you have a police report stating that the car was stolen at the time of the accident and your insurance had the theft on record as well you wouldnt have any liability.
    owners of vehicles typically can be made responsible for damages the car makes, even if driven by another person, but i think in the event of a theft you have no liability since you gave no consent to use and you had no control of it

  3. Hockeyfan Says:

    If there is proof that you were not in possession of your car and that it was in fact stolen (as opposed to letting someone borrow it) at the time then you should not be held liable for the damages caused. If you were liable your insurance company likely would have already taken care of it instead of denying it.

    As far as a counter suit I am not sure. If you have actual damages -i.e. fees paid to lawyers, missed income due to court appearances, maybe. You can check with a lawyer. Most will give a free consultation.

  4. dm Says:

    No case. If you can just prove in court that it was stolen at the time, it will have to be dropped. The victim’s (of the hit and run) attorney is probably just suing everyone involved hoping to get one to pay.

  5. DennistheMenace Says:

    just keep that police report close by,
    stolen car, one…….and ride it out till its time for the report……..

  6. KittyKat Says:

    I would think if you have a copy of the paperwork showing when it was stolen and when it was recovered you would be clear of any claims later but couldn’t say for sure. You might want to get a lawyer and find out what the law says in cases like this. I doubt you can counter sue because they have a right to get restitution but if the suspect wasn’t found, not sure that will happen so they need to let their insurance cover the problems.

    Forgot ~ the statute of limitations is probably two years which is why they are trying to get this filed and settled. They should have filed sooner but they may have just realized they could try to sue and see if they could get a free buck or two….

  7. Matt W Says:

    No case since you are not liable given the info you have provided.

    You need to make sure your insurance company knows you are being sued. Usually they will provide an attorney for you and defend you in court.