The Causes of Personal Injury

A personal injury is an injury suffered by a person due to accidents. Personal injuries may be caused due to road accidents, accidents at the workplace or medical negligence. Personal injuries can also be caused due to accidents while playing sports. The most common cause of personal injury is road accidents. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians have equal chances of suffering personal injuries as a result of road accidents. People who suffer personal injuries due to accidents which are not their fault can claim compensation.

Another cause of personal injury is accidents at work. Accidents at work may take place due to negligence on the part of the employers. It is the duty of the employers to provide a safe working environment to the employees. When they fail to do so, accidents occur. Industrial diseases such as exposure to asbestos and respiratory diseases are also classified as personal injuries. Employees who suffer personal injuries due to accidents at work can file compensation claims against their employers.

The injury that one suffers as result of using a defective product can also be classified as a personal injury. The losses suffered can be recovered by filing a product liability suit against the manufacturer of the defective product. According to the product liability law it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to compensate for the personal injury suffered as a result of using the defective product.  

Injuries that occur as a result of explosions and fire can also be classified as personal injuries. In case of burn injuries the physical and the emotional pain is too acute and at times leave a permanent mark on the victims. The treatment for the burn injuries is expensive and many cases also require skin grafting and other complex surgeries. As a result the victims will not be able to work for a very long period thus incurring financial losses. They even require counseling to cope with the drastic changes that have happened because of the accidents. 

The injuries sustained in an aviation accident can also be classified as personal injuries. Generally there are not many survivors in aircraft accidents. But there are cases where people are injured in small aircrafts. The   accident might be caused due to a number of factors like pilot error, poor maintenance, negligence of air traffic controller etc.

Personal injury can also be caused due to medical and dental negligence. The victims can file claims for compensation. But compensation would be difficult to secure as expert opinion from a panel of medical and legal experts is required in order to prove that the personal injury was indeed caused due to medical or dental negligence.

Personal injury can also be caused due to slips and falls in public places. Such accidents occur due to wet floors in malls, defective pavements, poorly maintained sidewalks and broken steps.

A person who suffers a personal injury as a result of any of these accidents can file a claim for compensation. The claimant would receive the claim amount only if he/she is able to prove that the accident was not his/her fault. A good personal injury lawyer must be hired in order to get the rightful amount as claim.

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