The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Recent studies show real evidence that texting while driving is extremely dangerous.  The statistics from this study show that a person who is driving a motor vehicle while texting is six times more likely to be involved in a crash than a non-texting driver.  For truck drivers the statistics indicate they are 23 times more likely to crash or be involved in avoidance maneuvers.  Car and Driver magazine reports that it took texting drivers significantly longer to hit the brakes than drivers who were intoxicated.

Current studies indicate that drivers are unable to multitask texting and driving at the same time.  They also found that reading a text message is more dangerous than sending one.  The the driver is reading a text message they tend to get involved in reading the message and forgetting about their driving.  A recent study conducted by the University of Utah on a driving simulator, determined that drivers who were texting or reading a text message had more crashes, had a slower response time to brake lights on cars in front of them, and showed impairment in avoidance maneuvers than did drivers who talked on a cell phone while driving or drove without texting.

The injuries a person can receive from a car accident can be devastating. When a driver is inattentive because they are texting or reading a text, it is almost inexcusable. If you are involved in an auto accident and believe that texting is involved make sure that your lawyer gets the defendant’s phone records.  Texting while driving is outlawed in many states.  If have any question about your injury please seek out an attorney.

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