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Normally men at a certain age begin to realize their retirement plans but there is one attorney who decided to go against the norm and open a second law firm. A couple of months ago was when this 87 year old with characteristic nerve and verve marched down to his longtime office, he is one of the nation’s best known personal injury lawyers. Other than emptying out his desk, a feud with his partners also led him to pull his name from the door as his men stood patrol.

Once working as an assistant Queens district attorney is his new partner and protege who is the lady lawyer who handles all the daily trials for their firm as he only participates in the courtroom once in a while. His gift for showbiz glitz not to mention his enormous ambition, endless energy, and passion for perfection have all been contributors to his capacity to win unwinnable cases earning him millions in settlements.

Frightening him to death was the car that drove onto the victim’s lawn and The Equalizer who got $740,000 for the family of a heart attack victim was able to convince the judge successfully. For an Acapulco hotel, they experienced him blaming them for a shark attack that a guest experienced. No guests were informed about how their ways of dumping the garbage in the ocean could eventually lead to sharks entering the area.

There is much pride for this lawyer as he says that it was him who led to New York City employing 120 full time personal injury lawyers and having to pay $175 in settlements. He takes a third of the final award known as a contingency fee whenever he works like all other lawyers in tort or personal injury law do. Everybody who mentions how the aggressive personal injury lawyers are the ones at fault for increasing insurance and tax rates are sneered upon.

Even for the wretched of all clients he could easily sway juries through their emotions as he speaks of how confinement will be worse than the vilest of all prison cells when the man is left paralyzed in a hospital bed. This is a man who possesses the finesse of a symphony conductor when handling juries. Bore a jury and you’ve lost the case, he would say.

Never did he go to trial without a lot of research. You could say that he has an obsession when it comes to not being proven wrong in court. In a career that has lifted ambulance chasing to a new level, this lawyer has seen himself adoringly profiled in Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal.

No humility is involved whenever he speaks about hi line of work not to mention himself. When it comes to trials, it is better if a lawyer was a little vain. Vanity is part of the trio with confidence and respect. When it comes to his personal and professional life, a 33 year old woman he and his wife adopted oversees things. According to his old partners, this owner of a Mexican restaurant and ever present assistant is to blame for them being driven apart. Opening his eyes what was she did.

When his Ukrainian family immigrated to New York he was around 6, by 1929 he graduated from Brooklyn Law School but the politically connected Irish firms got first dibs on all of the good legal cases. New Jewish attorneys like him could only get a hold of minor criminal cases not to mention personal injury lawsuits.

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