The Types of Personal Injury Claims

All too often, physical or emotional injury caused by another person’s negligence is committed without consequence.

The victims of these situations could be legally entitled to receive financial compensation for their pain and suffering. Instead, they fail to pursue the matter due to a lack of understanding on the wide gamut of personal injury law.

Below are some examples of misconduct where the victims might qualify for a personal injury claim.

Dangerous or Defective Products

These types of claims involve someone who was injured using a product that was defective or dangerous, either due to the way it was manufactured or marketed. Federal law requires manufacturers of defective or damaged goods to compensate those who suffered injury using their products. Items generally deemed “defective” are those in which the manufacturer failed to take the proper measures to ensure the product could be used for its intended purpose without compromising the safety of the consumer.

Animal Bites or Attacks

Animal attack claims usually involve injuries suffered by dog bites. However, these types of claims are not limited to dogs. Ferrets, cats, birds and other domesticated animals have been known to cause human injury as well. Attacks involving non-domesticated animals that are kept as pets, such as bears and large cats, might also qualify for a personal injury claim. Because laws pertaining to owner liability of injuries caused by pets vary depending on the state, it’s best to consult a personal injury attorney to see if your claim has weight.

Premises Liability

These types of claims involve individuals injured on another person’s property. Common injuries of this type are slip and falls, often occurring on an icy sidewalk, a loose stairway or a slippery floor. Whether compensation for an injury suffered on someone else’s private property can be pursued in court depends on the property owner liability laws in the jurisdiction where the injury occurred.

Wrongful Death

When a person’s death is believed to be the cause of someone else’s negligence, the family of the deceased party might have the option of seeking monetary damages. Laws pertaining to wrongful death claims vary from state to state. So whether you live in Oregon or Ohio, personal injury attorney firms in the state where the injury took place will be equipped with the legal knowledge necessary to determine whether you have a valid wrongful death claim.

Time is Critical

The amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim also varies from state to state. Missing the filing deadline could result in losing your legal right to pursue damages for your injuries. Because of the complexities and variations of personal injury law, it is wise to consult a personal injury lawyer on the validity of your case.



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