Things to Avoid Doing While Filing a Claim for Personal Injury

While filing a claim for personal injury there are a few things that claimants should not do since doing these things can lead to rejected claims or insufficient compensation. This article will elaborate on 4 things that claimants must avoid doing while filing a claim for personal injury.

#1 – If you are filing a road accident claim then never call your insurance company while driving. The primary reason for road accidents is driving on the road while talking on the phone and doing the same to report an accident will cause the insurance company to think twice about your claim. Even though you may feel that the person on the other end of the phone will not know where you are, in reality the sounds of cars and traffic will give away your location easily.

#2 – After a road accident occurs do not postpone completing formalities like informing the police to get a police report. Claimants must remember that while filing a claim for personal injury a police report is required to prove that the accident occurred at a certain place and at a certain time. While filing a work accident claim the claimant should not postpone informing his employer about the accident. The claimant should report the work accident at the earliest to his employer so that the required details can be filled into the work accident report book. Employees must not skip this step under any circumstance since skipping this crucial step can lead to a rejected work accident claim.

#3 – While talking to the insurance company, local law enforcement authority or any other people related to the claim, the claimant must remember never to be rude. Using hurtful words out of frustration or generalizing by using words like “you people” can cause the other person to get very angry which may cause them to reject your claim. While filing a claim for personal injury claimants should remember that although the situation at hand may be frustrating, the person on the other side is just doing his job and by being mean to the other person the claimant will be doing more harm than good.

#4 – Never hire a personal injury solicitor who promises to get you maximum compensation even though the accident was your fault. Such solicitors make promises that they cannot keep which leads to claimants getting frustrated. Claimants should also be aware of solicitors that promise to win the claim in an exceptionally short span of time. Such solicitors entice claimants with false promises and later on make excuses when they cannot keep their word. Always opt for a personal injury solicitor who gives reasonable deadlines and commits to working on your case till you get maximum compensation.

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