Things to Do Before Filing for Motor Accident Compensation

Since the process of filing for motor accident compensation starts from when the accident occurs, the claimant has to do a few things before he files his claim. This article will elaborate on 5 important things every claimant should do before filing the claim application for motor accident compensation.

Things to Do #1 – Just after the accident occurs the claimant should call an ambulance if he is injured or if other people have been injured due to the accident. If nobody has been hurt severely then the claimant can visit a doctor instead but he should make sure to get all injures checked including minor injuries. The claimant should collect all bills, receipts and documents from the doctor’s office that suggest that the claimant suffered a personal injury due to which he had to spend money on medical treatment.

Things to Do #2 – The claimant should make sure that he calls the police or the local law enforcement authorities after the accident since he will need a police report to file for motor accident compensation. The police will give the claimant a copy of the report after noting down details of the road accident. The claimant will need to submit this report while filing for road accident compensation.

Things to Do #3 – While the claimant is at the scene of the accident he should try to take a photograph of the vehicles involved in the road accident so that he can determine the level of damage to both the vehicles. If the claimant cannot manage to take a photograph then he should note down the extent of damage to the other vehicle along with damage to property if any.

Things to Do #4 – The claimant should exchange insurance details with the other driver even if he was not at fault. The claimant should also exchange contact information so that the claimant’s solicitor can get in touch with the other driver. If there were passengers in the other driver’s car then the claimant should note down the number of drivers and if anyone was hurt.

Things to Do #5- The claimant will need to hire a solicitor to file the motor accident compensation claim. The benefit of hiring a personal injury solicitor for road accident claims is that the solicitor will provide legal advice, help the claimant collect the required documents and talk to the insurance company if necessary. It is always recommended to hire a personal injury solicitor even if the claimant is not at fault. Claimants do not need to worry about paying legal fees since majority of personal injury lawyers provide no obligatory and no win no fee services that entitle claimants to receive free legal advice and help.

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