UK Paralegal Interview advice?


I am really nervous as I have a paralegal interview tomorrow in personal injury. I have thought of everything I know but am I missing anything? I don’t want to forget something halfway through!!

General PI Knowledge things

-Costs (Predictive and Full) – which I believe they will be most interested in
-Medical evidence, witness statements etc
-Issuing Proceedings (various claim forms, ack of service, bundles, split trials, infant approval hearings, CMCs etc)
-Case law and statute
-Small/fast/multi-track allocation

Can anyone who is in the PI sector think of anything I have missed. This is for a file handling position, I am currently in the support staff which just supports fee earners (which is why I cannot wait to leave)


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One Response to “UK Paralegal Interview advice?”

  1. Rohan™-Enjoying Life! Says:

    Be cool, calm and composed

    Give to the point questions and most importantly don’t think about the outcome just worry about your performance

    Give your best and leave the rest to God