Understanding Personal Injury Lawsuits

Most people never get any closer to a personal injury lawsuit than a drama on TV when hearing on the news about some fantastic personal injury case that has been filed against a corporation. But aside from all the drama and the big dollars there is an important aspect to the personal injury lawsuit that anyone that has been injured needs to understand. Personal injury lawsuits are your recourse should there ever be a time when you have been injured through the negligence of another.

Personal injury requires being able to prove that your physical or mental injury or distress was caused by the carelessness of another person or company, this would be things such as car accidents but also accidents when on other people’s property and accidents caused by products or at a place of business. There is a wide category of personal injury cases and some lawyers will special in some over others such as medical malpractice, because the category is so wide.

Because of the is personal injury law is complex and you should hire a lawyer not only to take a case to court, but also to help you navigate the complexities before the case ever comes close to going to court. There are many reasons for this, such as their ability to gather the pertinent facts quickly while they are still fresh in their minds, but also for dealing with any insurance companies involved that may seek to blame the accident on you or to pressure you to sign off on the accident for far less than what your actual expenses are.

The experience and knowledge of a personal injury lawyer will make sure that your interests are protected; this is something that the insurance company will not do, and many people mistake adjusters as people that are on their side when in reality they are on the side of insurance company. It may seem like a great offer that they are asking you to settle for, but you have to ask yourself is it them being fair, or are you really entitled to much more and you don’t know?

This is part of a personal injury lawyer’s job, to ensure that you are getting a fair settlement whether you settled ahead of court or it has to go into litigation. They better understand what your expenses will be, what other expenses you might incur in the future and what your pain and suffering is worth. While these figures may seem high, it has been the sorrow of many victims when they have settled for a lesser amount that seemed fair only to find out that it was not even close to the mark in terms of what their actual expenses were.

The more traumatic your injury the more that this will be the case, care and loss of income can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, these are all expenses that the person responsible or their insurance company will be required to pay.

Your lawyer will wear many hats during your case, he will be an investigator to find out what the facts are, he will be a negotiator to ensure that you get the best deal possible and he will be your defense in the face of aggressive insurance companies and their even more aggressive lawyers. Hiring your lawyer as soon as possible after your accident is crucial in order to make sure he has time to gather the evidence and talk to witnesses before too much time has passed.

Some cases can be settled out of court, for those that can’t you will have the support and knowledge of an experienced lawyer that has won cases before and knows how to win your case as well. Since most lawyers do not charge upfront fees you can be sure that if a lawyer has taken your case they feel comfortable that they will be able to win it.

If you are considering whether you need a lawyer or not, the first step is simply to talk to a personal injury lawyer, they can tell you if you have a case and can also help you to understand what the consequences of not having a lawyer can be. At Azizi Personal Injury we work for you to help you get the compensation for your injuries that you have coming to you, visit our site to learn more about our experience and our record in pursuing judgments for our clients.

David Azizi, personal injury attorney for Los Angeles and Southern California, has provided aggressive and experienced legal services in a wide variety of personal injury, motorcycle, car, and truck accident cases in Riverside, Orange County and San Bernardino.
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