Urdu Translation Please: Translate the following into Urdu PLease?

Dear clients,

In today’s chaotic world , competitive environment, technological advancement ,emerging new rules and regulations , changes in laws and the increasing strictness in the legal system has made it difficult and complicated for tasks to be accomplished that were so simple before.
“Max Law firm “is an international law firm that is serving foreigners and foreign business in Thailand for over 60 years. We offer you all the following legal services in a legal and professional way within a short period of time. Whether it is a matter of making a Thai work permit , marrying in Thailand, accounting & taxation , labor disputes , civil 7 criminal Litigation, Company registration, Legal consultation , Agreement & contracts , Will & estate , condo villa , Land purchasing, or acquiring a Thailand Visa (one year) we do it all. The following are details of the above mentioned services.

•Civil & criminal Litigation
We deal in all the services falling under the Civil & criminal Litigation clause. This includes child adaptation Thailand, Criminal Defense, employment disputes, Anti money laundering, intellectual Property r, Personal Injury claims and Trade disputes.
•Thailand visa ( one year)
1. Retirement visa
If you are planning to retire in Thailand that is a very wise decision. Thailand is a very famous hot spot for retirees because of its warm climate sunny beaches, low cost of living, cheap food and health care . We can make all your dreams come true with a little service charges and a few documents you can get retirement visa easily.
2. Non immigrant visa
We offer non immigrant marriage visa in which case either of the spouse is foreign resident .the duration of the visa is 90 days before converting into a 1 year visa. This enables the foreign person married to a Thai spouse to stay in Thailand and also enjoy some of the benefits that are associated with the marriage visa.
3. Student Visa
We also offer student visa for 1 year that is renewable after ever 1 year without having to leave Thailand.

•Family Law Marriage Divorce
We deal in family law marriage divorce cases. If your spouse is Thai and you want a divorce we can help you to get a divorce. This process can take up to 1 year because you need to translate the documents and attest them by your respective embassy.

•Thai work permit
If you are planning to work in Thailand legally we can help you o obtain a Thai work permit by acquiring a few documents and a very convenient charge for the service provided.
Cond, villa, Land Purchasing.
If you want to buy Land in Thailand we can consult you and give you the best options available to buy property in Thailand according to the Thai Land Code and condo villa rules and regulations.

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    2 Responses to “Urdu Translation Please: Translate the following into Urdu PLease?”

    1. ,., Says:

      You should be paying for this translation service, your a legal firm and you just asked in the Thailand travel section how to find customers. But you been in business for 60 years in Thailand and you don’t know where to find customers tell me your not a very good firm.

    2. Furqan Says:

      Frankly speaking, no one will translate so much text for you for free.

      You should hire any professional translation service for this purpose. In my opinion the best English to Urdu translation agency available is http://english2urdutranslations.com.