Want to Grow Your Business Ten Times Over? Try Advertising on TV! Attorneys are Doing It and It Works

Due in part to television ads, a lawyer based in Denver has literally become a household name. His firm is now been turned onto television advertising as well. They’re running ads in New York much like the ones showing in Denver that have done so well. More ads will air in 90 other cities across the nation. This local law office is the most recent law firm representing personal injury to utilize the advertising program. There are other law firms that advertise in a multitude of other media markets, and just like them these law firms pay huge amounts of money to put their name on generic ads that show a thirty second slice of life. For example, it might show blue collar workers talking about where they can find a lawyer who will really fight for their rights.

The United States Supreme Court sanctioned the use of ads by attorneys back in 1977. Although certainly not the first law professional to advertise on TV, this lawyer is the first individual to make generic ads that can be used by lawyers across the country. The attorneys who have chosen to participate in this advertising plan have experienced astounding results.

When he began advertising a few years back he was a two person office that struggled to handle some 80 cases each year, but now his ads on television have changed his office to a lot of legal assistants, plus additional lawyers who are handling more than 100 cases a month. There is a pool table and mock courtroom, as well as offices housing the law firm’s media buyer and TV producer, all within the attorney’s three story building.  The development and marketing of his advertisements now consume this enterprising lawyer’s time; he no longer practices law. He is acutely aware of the impact of utilizing television for advertising, and reports that he is enjoying a hefty income because of it.

He has found the experience to be shocking. To hear him tell it, he ran one successful television ad and suddenly all ten phone lines light up like a Christmas tree. When the ad comes on, the phone calls start pouring in.  Although most of the big corporate law firms avoid advertising like the plague, there are plenty of personal injury lawyers who are taking advantage of the power of television.

This imaginative attorney was among the country’s many lawyers in need of clients just a short time ago. Since his focus was on people who had been injured in a car crash, industrial injury, or what referred to as “slip and fails,” he was not getting a lot of repeat clients.

He knows now that television ads get people calling in. Often times the results coming in don’t even have anything to do with personal injury cases. Locating an attorney is an overwhelming task for many individuals. Roughly ten percent of the telephone calls that come in results in a viable file for the firm. Lawyers in the program find that the biggest problem with the advertising program is screening through a large number of unrelated calls. Recently there was a lawyer in Washington who chose to drop the program because he felt he didn’t have enough resources to handle the cost of ads or the resulting phone calls.

This does raise the number of cases you will have, but it also raises your costs to run your business. You will need to hire some new staff. Someone has to be there to pick up the phone when those calls come in.  One of the lawyers who joined the program reports when he began started advertising he found his first year of income was twice his expenses. He also noted that the income to cost ratio was consistently rising as his case load increased. Now the next task on Frickey’s to do list is to get well-known names for the ads. John Madden, the well known football personality, has contracted to shoot six advertisements for $50,000.

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