Washington Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Paying for Medical Bills When You Have Suffered from Another Person’s Negligence

One of the first things that anyone would do after sustaining injuries because of the negligence of another person is to figure out how they will pay the medical bills. The question focuses on what are the options at an individual’s disposal to get compensation for what happened to them?

Each state of the U.S. has its own laws governing personal injury lawsuits or claims. The reason that so many personal injury compensation issues end up as claims is that today’s society is very heavily insured. The majority of drivers have auto insurance covering their liability on the road. The majority of businesses both large and small have operational policies covering both worker’s compensation and injuries to customers or others in public spaces. The majority of homeowners have insurance that also may cover injuries to individuals that happened on their properties.

The amazing thing is that even though insurance functionally covers all of these areas, so many Americans have trouble getting compensation to pay their medical bills when something happens to them. As mentioned, the rules are different in every state. In the state of Washington—where urban areas like Seattle and Spokane serve huge populations—it’s clear that the complexity of personal injury law often leads to individual citizens hiring Washington personal injury lawyers to help them obtain the compensation they need for paying medical networks after they have been injured.


A simple look at some of the main personal injury situations in the state of Washington will show some of the ways that personal injury legal teams get quick payment for their customers. Specifically, many of the injuries sustained by individuals are caused on the road. For a better look at what happens when car accident victims seek personal injury compensation, Washington residents should look at state laws on the auto insurance policies that most drivers carry.

For example, if you bought auto insurance coverage in Washington, you may know that state auto insurers are required to offer what’s called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to policyholders. What you may not know is that according to Washington state legal experts, these companies are also required to hold waivers of proof of customers who have turned down this coverage. Without the waiver, a driver who is not covered may be granted coverage at the time of the accident.

What this means to those who understand insurance lingo is that there are many cases where an insurance company has to provide uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage retroactively to their clients when they are victims in a car accident.

Another issue in many personal injury claims is what’s called an adversarial nature. The other side of this is what some legal professionals refer to as a good faith contract. What both of these really mean is that too many insurance companies deny or delay claims or do not work in the interest of a personal injury victim. Many personal injury victims hire legal teams, such as The Bernard Law Group lead by Kirk Bernard, to be effective advocates for them in interpreting and implementing all of the applicable insurance laws and other areas of the law that will help them get money to pay off the hospitals and doctors that they sought services from after an accident. Regardless of whether this accident was caused on or off the road, personal injury legal teams are very often the best vehicle for families who may face medical debts because of the situation that they did not cause. For more on these kinds of situations in the state of Washington or other states, ask local legal teams about your injury and what options you may have.
Seattle personal injury attorney, Kirk Bernard of The Bernard Law Group, has worked to protect the rights of injury and accident victims for more than 20 years as a civil litigator. Inspired by his father, Saul Bernard, who tried hundreds of cases beginning in the 1930s, Kirk Bernard works to maintain the family-rooted objective of making a difference to those who have been wronged by another.
In the extensive period that Kirk Bernard has been litigating injury cases, he has acquired invaluable legal knowledge to assist injury victims and their families in obtaining just compensation for the physical harm and emotional suffering that has befallen upon them at no fault of their own.
In acquiring millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for his clients, Kirk Bernard’s dedication has helped Washington accident victims in receiving the monetary funds that they need to help pay for expenses associated with their injuries brought on by another individual’s negligence. In addition to being a skilled Seattle personal injury attorney, Kirk Bernard is also a member of ATLA, the Consumer Attorney’s Association, and an eagle member of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.
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