We are about to lose everything because of an accident. What can we do?!?

Long story short: Boyfriend was rear-ended on motorcycle over a month ago & was injured (full surface burns & neck/shoulder injuries) HE had no insurance but the guy who hit him does. We filed a claim with that ins. co. and also retained an attorney for a Personal Injury case. MY QUESTION IS – when will the insurance company start paying his lost wages & medicial expenses? I know that an actual "settlement" could take YEARS possibly, but what about in the meantime? Our attorney told us that the ins. co. will have to start paying the lost wages ASAP and that he is also going to ask that they do an "Advance" on the medical. We’ve spent probably hundreds so far just on prescriptions and as of today we cant fill a couple of his RX’s that he desperately needs and the attorney hasnt returned our calls (VERY hard to get him on the phone so we have no idea what is going on) and we are behind on ALL our bills and about to lose our apartment. At this point we are desperate. We have no family or friends that can loan us money and we’ve already pawned everything of any value that we own. I am SO depressed by all this and feel like there has to be some way out. My b/f was laid off temporarily when the accident happened and now that his work wants him to come back the Doc told him no work for 6-8 weeks AND the Unemployment money he was receiving was terminated because he is "physically unable" to work. How do we go about getting short-term disability? What other options do we have? We are about to lose everything and are desperate. Please help!
mbrcatz – YOU and I both misunderstand, aparantly.
He was receiving Unemployment at the time of the accident. He was laid off TEMPORARILY so he was "job attached" meaning he was expected to return to work. Once he was injured he no longer qualified for Unemployment because he wasnt "physically able" to work. He most certainly has lost wages and will continue to have lost wages.
You say a "It’s not going to happen" but then say "he gets 30% to 40% – whatever you agreed upon – of the lost wages and medical bill advance." So…? Yes, we are well aware of the attorney’s fees. I’m just confused now as to why our attorney told us we could get the lost wages and medical advance and you are so adamant that we wont?
The insurance company already made a settlement offer on his motorcycle, but our attorney hasnt gotten back to us as to what we will get – but as soon as we agree and send the title to them the check will be mailed to our attorney.

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4 Responses to “We are about to lose everything because of an accident. What can we do?!?”

  1. mbrcatz Says:

    You misunderstand. You’re not going to get any partial, interim payments for medical bills and lost wages, from the other person.

    You can only get those from YOUR policy.

    Your attorney can "ask" all he wants. It’s not going to happen. And you do realize, he gets 30% to 40% – whatever you agreed upon – of the lost wages and medical bill advance.

    EVERYTHING will be included, at the SETTLEMENT. And not before, most likely.

    It’s too late for insurance help. You can talk to your pastor, if you belong to a church ( but most churches will require you to stop living together to get assistance). I’m guessing you’re both going to be moving back home with parents.

    Unless he BOUGHT "short term disability", he doesn’t have any. As he was unemployed at the time of the accident, technically, he has no wages that are LOST, so even if he had it, he’d likely not be getting paid.

    Look, this isn’t going to help now, but for next time: motorcycles are damned dangerous. People get hurt on them ALL THE TIME. He CLEARLY was underinsured – he didn’t buy any lost wages or medical bills or PIP coverage on HIS motorcycle policy. It was his choice, to NOT buy insurance to protect him if this happened. It was his choice, to ride the motorcycle.

    I vote for, sell the bike.

  2. timothy p Says:

    He needs to apply for disability. His employer should be able to help with the paperwork. Short term doesn’t have the same requirements as long term. Contact your county department of human resources and see if they can offer some guidance.

  3. Jr Says:

    The doctor’s office can fill out disability papers for him. He should receive a check pretty soon after filling out all the papers. Meanwhile, you have had checks for unemployment. When he was laid off of work he should have been given the option of continuing his medical insurance or Cobra plan. That would have been a smart investment. I can’t figure out why the insurance company should be paying lost wages for someone who is not working. You haven’t lost any wages yet. Just switch from unemployment benefits to disability benefits. You will get a check retroactive.

    Your boyfriend has made many mistakes. I am truly sorry to say. But you guys should have tried to save some money to at least had 6 months worth of rent money. In addition, he should never have not had motorcycle insurance, and or health insurance. If he had either insurance he would not have to worry about his medical care and his prescriptions.

    If he is able to go back to work in 6 to 8 weeks, then you are just going to have to tough it out. Go to Walmart to try to get the prescriptions. Have the doctor prescribe medicine that is on the $4 list. You may have to move back home if you lose your apartment.

    You should be quite happy and relieved that he was not permanently disabled. Somebody in your household better start looking for an additional job. There has been times when I worked 3 jobs. Just do what you have to do. 6 to 8 weeks is not long. Talk to the landlord. Move home. Fill out the disability papers with the doc.

  4. Insurance Pickle.com Says:

    Same answer as last week. You’re going to need to be more patient.