We are about to lose everything because of an accident. What can we do?!?

Long story short: Boyfriend was rear-ended on motorcycle over a month ago & was injured (full surface burns & neck/shoulder injuries) HE had no insurance but the guy who hit him does. We filed a claim with that ins. co. and also retained an attorney for a Personal Injury case. MY QUESTION IS – when will the insurance company start paying his lost wages & medicial expenses? I know that an actual "settlement" could take YEARS possibly, but what about in the meantime? Our attorney told us that the ins. co. will have to start paying the lost wages ASAP and that he is also going to ask that they do an "Advance" on the medical. We’ve spent probably hundreds so far just on prescriptions and as of today we cant fill a couple of his RX’s that he desperately needs and the attorney hasnt returned our calls (VERY hard to get him on the phone so we have no idea what is going on) and we are behind on ALL our bills and about to lose our apartment. At this point we are desperate. We have no family or friends that can loan us money and we’ve already pawned everything of any value that we own. I am SO depressed by all this and feel like there has to be some way out. My b/f was laid off temporarily when the accident happened and now that his work wants him to come back the Doc told him no work for 6-8 weeks AND the Unemployment money he was receiving was terminated because he is "physically unable" to work. How do we go about getting short-term disability? What other options do we have? We are about to lose everything and are desperate. Please help!

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7 Responses to “We are about to lose everything because of an accident. What can we do?!?”

  1. Nattie Gan Says:

    Sounds like your b/f already wasn’t paying his bills if he didn’t have insurance on his bike.

    What’s going to happen is you are all going to go to court. The judges and lawyers will work out a percentage of wrong doing each person did. They may find your boyfriend 45% at fault (maybe more if he wasn’t wearing a helmet), and the other driver 55% at fault. Your boyfriend will be assigned AT LEAST 10% at fault just for being on the road. But I guarantee he will be found more at fault given that he didn’t have insurance and he probably wasn’t wearing a helmet was he? Once they figure out the percentage of who is at fault, you’ll get some sort of settlement based on that. In the meantime, I would figure out really quick how to be very frugal from now on. Plant a garden and feel lucky that the doc said he can go back to work in 6-8 weeks rather than be a quadriplegic or dead.

  2. Beverly S Says:

    The only way to get short term disability is if your boyfriend had it through his job. (was paying for it). I would be walking into the lawyers office today. Good luck!!

  3. cpine505 Says:

    You may want to look into private charities or churches in your area. It sounds like a pretty tough situation.

  4. Jay Says:

    Here is the problem. You are dealing with an insurance company AND an attorney and yet you are asking us, who know nothing about the case, about when all of this will happen. The insurance company and attorney are the ones that you need to be talking to.

    I’m sure that you don’t need to be reminded of this but what in the world was he doing riding such a dangerous vehicle without insurance?

  5. Kelly Says:

    First thing, I would do is apply for your state medical insurance. Google your state name and the word medicaid. You can sometimes apply online but usually you have to go in person. You can also apply for food stamps at this time. If you apply for emergency food stamps ( like a grocery credit card you don’t pay for), you might be able to get them in seven days.
    Second, I would begin googling your city and prescription assistance. A lot of times there are churches and community groups that will pay for these.
    You also need to start looking into where you will need to go if and when you don’t have a place to live. Google your city and shelters. Keep these numbers on hand in case you have to go.
    Continue calling your attorney. If he doesn’t respond, then you need to get another one and see if they can switch over the case. (Don’t know if they can)
    It can take years to settle a case. He needs to go see a chiropractor and a doctor so that the insurance can have continuing notes on his progress. Both doctors should take your case after getting information from other insurance company. I worked for a chiropractor and we took many personal injury cases without payment sometimes for a year or more until the case settled. Sometimes, the other person will have what they call "medpay". It will pay a hundred percent of medical bills, not living expenses though. Some times, the attorney does this and this is added into the settlement.
    Did he have health insurance through his job while he was working? If he did, its possible even though he isn’t working now, he may have some type of short term disability insurance.
    Finally, begin filing for social security disability if you believe the injury will in some capacity affect him and his work for a long time. File online at ssa.gov. Be sure to keep all the dates and names of doctors and phone numbers and diagnoses together when filing. This may take awhile so its good to file as soon as possible. It’s possible the decision could come quickly, but not likely. If his condition gets better, he can always go off it. But, his condition could worsen and it’s better to apply early rather than later.

    Good luck.

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  7. joete rodefer Says:

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