What are the signs of an impending divorce?

I really need to know what a kid feels during the time of a divorce. What are the signs that the kid would see?

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4 Responses to “What are the signs of an impending divorce?”

  1. Xx_K_xX V Says:

    In a divorce period the kids always have the hardest time, i mean u will have some hard times and good times, but for kids its always a hard time because they r seeing two people whom they love and lived with since they opened their eyes, they r used to both of their parents and they need both, u can help with that by not taking revenge and try to talk to them and tell them nothing will change, it shouldn’t change because kids need both their parents in their life, but u should make sure that they will get the same from the other side.

  2. true_love_waits08 Says:

    Kids (depending on their age) don’t see signs like adults of divorce. They do see the distance and feel the impact of that more. Kids will always think they did something when it is clearly not.

  3. soozemusic Says:

    Kids soak up that lack of love between their parents. I have said this before, "The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." If you are not, your children will feel and see all of the changes (liyyle to large) right down to mealtimes alone, etc.

  4. Manderz Says:

    My parents got a divorce when i was like 3 or 6 and my 2 siblings were even younger and i won’t lie to you its not easy on any one. but a child can tell when somethings going on they can feel the tenchion and stress. weather its being sent their room or being told go play so you can talk then being able to here’s whats being said is also something kids do. kids are nosiey they want to know what happening and they want to know and feel safe. but also know that if this has been going on for a long time the child will start thinking that its normal. if you used to be all love e dove e all the time and now you have suddanly stop thats a red flag to. kids are actually smart then most people relize.if a kid also cetches eaither of you crying or becoming emotional by thems selfs or to any one else then there other parent then there bound to question themselfs. a really good site that i wish i would have known about when i went thought it (http://www.helpguide.org/mental/children_divorce.htm)
    give it a look its wonderful!