What are the steps to filing for divorce if i do it myself?

My husband left me over a year ago we were going to move to a different city….turned out i had to have surgery the day before we planned to leave. So i stayed behind to recover a week later he texts me not to go. He left me with nothing took everything i had ruined my credit. A month later i find out he is living with a girl an she is pregnate and he is the dad…Im not fighting for anything just want the divorce.

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    3 Responses to “What are the steps to filing for divorce if i do it myself?”

    1. no it 2 Says:

      Be very careful you could wind leaving your self open for some back lash from the your husband. Don’t let him off scott free he did you wrong make him pay

    2. crazy8eddie Says:

      Just go to the county court house, get the forms, pay the fee, file them, and wait. Not really hard.

    3. gary Says:

      Okay, I understand your agony but divorce has to be properly planned and managed so that you don’t lose out some basic rights that you suppose to have. I know that it’s not important to you and you don’t want to care much about it.. but if you are not the fault of the divorce, why let yourself deprive of this basic human rights that you should have? .

      Here’s a site http://tinyurl.com/ye2exop that can you help understand more on the needs to file a divorce the proper way. You can get an overview of the process here http://www.ehow.com/how_2063406_file-divorce.html.

      Try to talk over it to your closest friends and family members as that will help to ease your emotional pains. I’m sure they will support and help you. Be strong!