What are your thoughts on same-sex couples who are married and want a divorce, gay divorce?

Those of us who are in support of gay rights support gay marriage, and see gay divorce as no different, a legal right.

How are those who oppose gay marriage feel about gay divorce, since it leads to less gay marriages? Do they support the gay peoples rights to gay divorce?

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    13 Responses to “What are your thoughts on same-sex couples who are married and want a divorce, gay divorce?”

    1. Malinda Dziejman Says:

      in gods eyes divorce is wrong, in gods eyes gay marriage is wrong, but divorce is wrong, homosexuality is wrong, divorce is wrong. oh no i tried to think like one of them and went crosseyed

    2. jl Says:

      same as straight folks.

      this is pretty obvious.

    3. Dr. Gordon Freeman Says:

      I should hope so, we have the same right to be as unhappy as everyone else.

    4. Batman™ Says:

      The saying "Two wrongs don’t make a right" comes to mind

    5. Dave Says:

      Bloody hell – are you REALLY this bored…

    6. Girl Valentine Says:

      If they have the same rights to marry then i don’t see why they cannot divorce if its not working out.
      I know 2 men who got married then divorced. Both have since remarried incidentally!

    7. toosh Says:

      all should have the same rights, be it to marry or divorce

    8. lingua06437 Says:

      This topic made the news in Texas few months ago. A legally married couple from one State moved to Texas and later filed for divorce. Many in Texas tried to prevent this from happening since Texas doesn’t recognize same sex marriage. In the end the couple took it to court and they won. Texas now has to grant the divorce.

      Many States won’t grant same sex divorces. You have to move back to the State of origin and get a divorce there.

      This is why DOMA should be repealed – so that we can have legal same sex marriage – and divorce – all over the US with no issues!

    9. lg51 Says:

      I believe in Same-Sex Divorce, here’s why, heterosexual couples may. As much as people don’t want see same sex marriage couples married, why won’t they grant divorce.

      What America would like to do is make same sex marriages look bad, because with the growing number of granted same sex marriages, there are alot of couples that are ready to divorce at the same time, what is going to happen is a major fluctuation of unhappily married same sex couples asking states for divorce, what America will say is, see "homosexuals don’t deserve to be married, because we gave you the chance and now you want to be divorced". It’s sad too, because everyone should have the right to their own choices.

      What if you’re married to someone of the same sex who is abusive, or who now feels like they would like to be with someone of the opposite sex. etc there are tons of scenarios, although some states will NOT grant divorce, they will grant annulments, But an annulment is completely different from divorce, depending upon the length of the marriage an annulment can be granted in states where same sex marriage is not recognized. But from a legal standpoint it erases the marriage all together as if it never existed…which can be alot of trouble for established families, taxes, homes, credit etc.

    10. Semmelweis25 Says:

      To be expected

      Gay unions, partnership, etc, etc, etc, usually are unstable and tend to divorce

    11. Peter Smith Says:

      Without "gay" there would not be the concept of "straight". Without "same sex" there would not be the phrase "opposite sex". Without "divorce" (or the understanding of instable marriages or otherwise abandoned marriages) there would not be the idea of the "stable marriage". Without "female" there would not be "male".

      It’s not that these things wouldn’t "exist", potentially. It is just that we rely on the binary opposition in order to comprehend both one and the other, we rely on the existence of one to fully allow the potential of the other. Yet one is not better than the other either (how can they be; they are mutually reliant concepts). One cannot "defeat" the other (in so doing it too would be conceptually destroyed and redundant).

      Therefore, those who argue that gay divorces are a threat to straight marriages are entirely wrong. The concept of gayness, and the concept of divorce, are necessary to even understand the phrase "straight marriage".

    12. Angela D Says:

      marriage is marriage.

      divorce is divorce.

      what was the question?

      i live in canada where marriage is between two consenting adults. we don’t all live in theocratic hellholes like iran and the u.s.a.

    13. Nikki Dubs Says:

      Gay divorce doesn’t lead to less gay marriages….it leads to more gay divorces. You make no sense.