What do parents usually fight about before they get a divorce?

I’m afraid my parents might get a divorce because they’ve been fighting a lot lately, and I want to know some things that cause parents to argue over and finally get a divorce.

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    4 Responses to “What do parents usually fight about before they get a divorce?”

    1. Annabelle Says:

      They can fight over a lot of things; cleaning, bossing around, never working. Mine almost got a divorce because my dads ex wife almost stole him back. There can be a alot of things that cause divorces, DONT WORRY!

    2. Well, 'tis my name. Says:


    3. Sean Roberts Says:

      You’re apparently looking for emotional support and guidance, because you feel that your parents might divorce. I suggest you go to meeting of Divorce Care or DC4K (Divorce Care for Kids). DC4K is for kids under 13 years old. Divorce Care is for people 13 and older.

      Go to /www.divorcecare.org/. Scroll down, and enter your zip code or postal code. You’ll see a list of locations near your house. You’ll meet people who have been through the stress that you’re going through now, and they can provide emotional support and provide tips for coping which they’ve learned.

      My heart goes out to you. Just remember that if they divorce, they are divorcing each other; they are not divorcing you. They both still love you.

    4. Raymond Says:

      anything really, most likely the littlest thing can set off an argument, talk to a school counselor or trusted person (friend, teacher, etc.) Stay neutral in all their arguments, take care!