what happend to Melanie Wills from one true thing the band?? and what happened to one true thing ?

what happened to Melanie Wills from the band "one true thing"? And for that matter what happened to " one true thing "?

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2 Responses to “what happend to Melanie Wills from one true thing the band?? and what happened to one true thing ?”

  1. David Arturo R Says:

    Lo último publicado por Milan Millevoy en el 2007

    Soooo it looks like O.T.T. might not be around anymore(unless we win the lotto so we can record and tour).Unfortunately we are at a point where we have been playing in this band for a long time and we have hit a wall.We are getting older and some of us have more personal responsibilities.Basically this band is going nowhere and hasn’t for a really,really long time!!.We are starting a new project and are looking for a keyboard/piano/maybe programmer , bass player and another guitarist .All must have experience playing in a band and performing live .We hope to find someone who can add to us and make this a better band.We also need someone who can sing backups so it would be a plus if you can play and sing.You must be between the ages of 25 to 35 yrs old.You must be in touch with the music of today and i’m not talking about Emo.If you are wearing a jesters hat holding an acoustic guitar ,have tight jeans or play in a blink 182 cover band listed on your page-please do not email us.We will be playing a more lighter side of music in the vein of Travis,Death cab for cutie, Aimee Mann,James Taylor,Jim Croce,Radiohead, Portishead,Emily Haines,Sunny Day Real Estate ,and Counting crows. No pop punk or heavy music will be played here.We also will be more layed back so this will not be a touring band.You can live on long island,new york city or New jersey.You will need a car to practice and play in the city or surrounding areas.Anyone interested please send a message.It will be a little awhile before we try some people out but we want to get started soon.


    Sobre Melanie… encontre tu pregunta buscando una respuesta a lo mismo

  2. Lisa Says:

    She stopped playing, they broke up, but they all still hang out and remain close friends. I think she is working on solo stuff.