What happens if 2 people file for divorce in differnt states?

My wife moved away from me about 7 months ago and I don’t know here address but I do know she lives in a different state. I want to file for divorce but she says shes going to do it too. I would let her but I want to control the divorce in my state cause I cant travel right now dues to work. What happens if we both file? Thanks in advance.

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7 Responses to “What happens if 2 people file for divorce in differnt states?”

  1. Mark B Says:

    my lawyer said that it is better out the door to file first… Because my wife said she filed for about a month and then she talked alot of crap to me. Sooooooo i got a lawyer and told him my situation and he looked it up and there was no petition written up yet.

    Soooooooooooo we filed first. You always want to be in control.

    Make sure your lawyer is a fighter and not a long drawn out attorney that wants always more money more money…

    I was running out of money and the divorce was going nooooo where fast….

    He shouldve responded to her couteroffer instead he sat there and waited for shit to happen… Now I cant afford my attorney and my wife has a really nice one…. This does not mean she has the upper hand..

    Fight Fight Fight.!!!!

    Defend your assests

    Offense is a must – this is war……down and dirty…

    Like playing POKER – you hold some cards and she holds some cards..

    Dont show your hand to her…. Not even if you really want too..

    It will bite you is the ass later – LIKE ME….

    I wish you luck in your divorce…. Im still going through HELL with mine right now…

  2. mcstir Says:

    Sounds like a race. I believe whoever files first has the valid divorce petition. The other one would just be discontinued.

  3. yaknow2 Says:

    I agree with the first answerer that the first filed petition would invalidate the second filing.

  4. enola gniyd Says:

    ok,I did file this way and it kept our divorce here in GA instead of CT

    you may be able to go file on your own and then get an atty.you have to file first.Just do an online search for your states ,ah hell here go to this link

    find your state,print up the forms needed,go file them at your courthouse and then hire a process server to serve her.If she is unable to be served the docs you can then possibly run an ad in your newspaper classifieds and then maybe win the entire divorce by default

    damn,I wish I had just ran the thing in the classifieds ,then I would already have a judgement against her

  5. inn46237 Says:

    The petitioner who filed first would control what jurisdiction it is held in.

  6. mistyeyed Says:

    I think that I agree with some of the other answers. Whoever files first is the one the court will go with. I would start filing my paperwork fast.

    I know that http://www.document-do-it-yourself-service.com/ will handle your paperwork and that they do it within two to three business days. I would file now.

  7. Penelope Says:

    I have a question slightly similar to this one. I got married in MD, and now I live in DC. I am separated and waiting for the 12 months separation period to end so MD can grant me the divorce. If I file from DC (which has different divorce laws), would I be able to get divorced sooner even though the wedding took place in MD?