What happens when renters get a divorce?

I live in a multi-unit building. A couple who has the best unit in the building seems to be going through a nasty divorce – might even be a restraining order involved. They’ve definitely seperated. They have the best unit in the building and if it became vacant I would like to move there. I was wondering if the chances of the apt becoming vacant are any greater in light of the divorce? What happens when a married couple rents a place and then splits up? A rented apt is not like a house that can be sold and the profits split. One spouse has rented the apt for 10 yrs, 5 yrs before they met. Presumably they’re both on the lease now. Would the original tenant/spouse get to stay? Is there a general way these things go, or does it vary wildly?

Sorry if this makes me look like an awful person. I’m not happy they are divorcing, though all the other tenants and I would be happy if both of them were gone, since they are both violent alcoholics and obnoxious neighbors.

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4 Responses to “What happens when renters get a divorce?”

  1. pikeplace_marketer Says:

    If they do get a divorce and neither of them decides to stay, they will probably choose to sublet the apartment rather than break their lease. If one of them seems like less of a violent alcoholic you might try just casually asking what they plan to do with the apartment. If they say sublet it, you could then mention your interest. However, subletting from them would mean dealing with them, which might turn out to really suck. If one of them was already renting before the divorce he/she might choose to stay; usually when people move out after a split it’s because they can’t afford the rent on their own. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case here.

  2. skcs11 Says:

    nothing you can do al long as one of them pays the rent

  3. curmudgeon Says:

    completely up to what they work out between them. He may stay, she may stay, or they both may move.

  4. Miki S Says:

    Either of them can stay there if they like. All they have to do is pay the rent. One of them probably will.