What important things need to know about getting a divorce?

My relative (female) is going through a divorce. She lives in California. She has no clue how to handle it as far as the procedures and things that she should look out for in terms of financial and getting the child support (2 small kids). Should she get a divorce lawyer? The main concern is she has no job and she worries not be able to afford to hire a lawyer. Please give some advice.

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7 Responses to “What important things need to know about getting a divorce?”

  1. Turtle Says:

    Tell her to get an attorney. It will be paid for in the settlement.

  2. u<3mecauseihateblacks Says:

    well the best thing she needs to know is the right "steps" they are listed as followed:

    1 take a dump in his mouth when hes sleeping
    2 key his car
    3 hire a male prostitute so you can "get even"
    4 dont just sign the divorce papers make him work for it
    5 have a swell time

    i hope this helps and i wish her the best of luck

  3. Cathy Says:

    Well, she’s very fortunate that she’s in California and I’ll tell you why (I’m in Los Angeles BTW).

    Tell her to look up the phone number for her County’s Superior Court, Family Law Division. Our courts here seem to have what’s called a "Family Court Facilitator". And, what they do is only child support and child custody. Best part – it’s free! You do not need an attorney. These are Paralegals by education and provided as a service of the court. She will have to pay for the court filing fee once the Facilitator has her paperwork completed and she’ll also have to pay to have the court docs served on the dad – but we’re talking maybe $100.

    Now, when she’s ready for the divorce part of all this – tell her to go to another Paralegal – this is an outside company "We the People" (www.wethepeople.com) and find out how much they charge to prepare the divorce-part of the paperwork (I think it’s less than $300 and then whatever the filing and service fee is). Unless she has like some real estate, assets, etc. – tell her don’t bother with a lawyer – the lawyer’s the only one that wins in a divorce. She can do the divorce herself as long as she has these two paralegals to do the paperwork.

    But, tell her to start with the Facilittor for the child part first. It’s a place to get a start and she wants to especially make sure she has money from the dad for the kids (and, now that I think about it – I think the Facilitator can take care of her support / alimony – but not sure about that – she’ll have to check).

    Good luck….

  4. murrayskeeter Says:

    You can conduct a do it yourself divorce in California. The steps you now take are straightforward. You have to obtain the necessary documents for your divorce application. They are available free online. When you complete these forms you must use the correct words. If you don’t the court will not accept your application and you’ll have to start over.

  5. Benny Says:

    The first step before getting divorced is to get informed. Knowledge is power in divorce and it can help your relative to cope not only during the divorce proceedings, but also after divorce. Study the different divorce laws implemented on your state by logging in on this page: http://www.divorceguide.com/usa/divorce-laws/

    Here are some of a few helpful tips that you could give to your relative:

    * Have all joint accounts closed and create a personal one in order to protect your assets and finances. The soon-to-be-ex-husband may deplete all their saving, further placing your relative at a disadvantage
    * Never date anyone until she is completely divorced
    * Never leave the marital home unless a court order is forcing you. Staying at home at keeping an eye at her child is the best and safest bet to get her keep not only the house, but also her house

    With regard to hiring a lawyer, she will have an edge if she can get a lawyer to represent her. However, since you’ve mentioned that she wants an affordable divorce, she could either 1) opt for an online divorce by accessing this page: http://www.divorceguide.com/usa/divorce-information/how-to-get-a-cheap-divorce-in-the-usa.html or 2) take a DIY approach on divorce. Get her to download free divorce free papers online by logging on to his site: http://www.divorceguide.com/divorce-papers/ and clicking on the state that you’re relative is in. From here, she could start handling the divorce on her own, which also allows her to save money in the progress.

    These should at least get you started with divorce. Here’s the best of luck on her 🙂

  6. theguynextdoor Says:

    This link might help



    My advice, as a two time divorced person with no kids, is for her to get a lawyer…especially if he cheated or he wants out of the marriage…her lawyer can ask the courts to have him pay her lawyer and all court costs…especially if he has a good income, a lawyer may be willing to wait to get paid. She may only need to come up with a retainer…also, some lawyers do pro-bono (no fee) cases. Check at the local court house for advice also.