What is the average age that people write wills and trusts or plan thier estates?

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    4 Responses to “What is the average age that people write wills and trusts or plan thier estates?”

    1. Glamorganer Says:

      Its a good idea to plan ur estate right now … stop reading a start planning!!!

      Ive just finished a course on wills and estate planning and can tell you that when you die (which you will) the last thing you want is for your friends and family to be left fighting over who gets what and forking out hundreds paying solicitors to do complicated tasks which would have been ten times easier when you were alive.

      And then theres the biggy, by planning your estate now it will be possible to minimise your tax liability, so that when you eventually pass on, johnny taxman doesnt get more of your estate than your family.

    2. Michael G Says:

      I think it is never to early to write a will.

      Unexpected things happen to people all the time.

    3. Dennis G Says:

      89 years of age.

      Dennis G

    4. Kiki Says:

      I don’t know if there is an average age but it’s never too early. Anytime you have anything you would wish some other person to have in case of your death, write it down. It is so much easier on the families. I’ve seen family members argue over a quilt. So regardless if you are 50 with a huge estate or 18 and want your favorite baseball cap to go to your little brother you can put it in writing