What is the average time it takes to settle an auto accident personal injury claim?

In Dewc 2008 we were rear ended. I received c-spine injuries and had to have disc replacement and fusion as a result. Our family coverage paid for these expenses. We tried to work with the insurance company ourselves but they would not pay anything. So March 2010 we hired an attorney. My question is… what is the average time to settle one of these cases? I realize it depends on a lot of different factors… but… I am wondering if anyone has a clue as to average time? It is with American Family Insurance if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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5 Responses to “What is the average time it takes to settle an auto accident personal injury claim?”

  1. Elsie s Says:

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  2. the kid Says:

    with spinal injury, etc it could take years.

  3. Bill Says:

    It depends a lot on your recovery and also the amount of coverage on the other policy. Have any demands or offers been made? You need to sit down and discuss the claim with your attorney. He owes you this as he will be taking 33-40% of you settlement amount. Many times attorneys will stall a settlement to try to make you think they are working hard on your behalf, when actually they may have only made a few calls and sent a few letters. Ask to see what is in your file.

  4. Molly Smithee Says:

    This type of case is inevitably going to take a long time to resolve-especially if you are asking for medical plus pain and suffering. Try to be upfront with your attorney in regards to a time line. The length of the case will also be much shorter depending on how flexible you are as far as settling goes. Another unfortunate issue is that insurance companies are notorious for dragging their feet when it comes to settling and often throw out low ball numbers over and over again. But it sounds like you have a fairly ironclad case.

    Here’s an article on spinal cord injury lawsuits: http://www.webb-firm.com/articles/spine-injuries/

    Good luck with your case.

  5. Dayle Says:

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