what is the best to avoid divorce when a spouse wants a divorce?

My wife wants to to divorce since she doesn’t love me any more according to her even though she thinks I am a great guy and we have been married for 15 years and have two kids. She has been going counseling, but still determine to get a divorce. Any recommendation?

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11 Responses to “what is the best to avoid divorce when a spouse wants a divorce?”

  1. IndyGirl Says:

    If she’s set on a course of action for herself, you probably won’t be able to do much to change her mind.
    Try to keep it as positive/peaceful as you can for the sake of your kids.
    There might be a chance for reconciliation in the future if she can work out her OWN issues, but don’t put your life on hold for that hope.
    Best to you, Honey.

  2. Cracker Jack Says:

    You can’t do anything.

  3. R.J. Says:

    Get yourself a good lawyer dude.

  4. Willa Says:

    You cannot make her stay married to you if she wishes to get a divorce. If marriage counseling isn’t working, nothing will.

  5. jude Says:

    There is no way that I know of to avoid divorce when your spouse no longer loves you.

  6. honest girl! Says:

    Stop being an ar$e and respect your wife’s decision that she doesn’t want to stay married to you anymore, and just move it along. Why on earth would you want to stay married to someone who doesn’t love you?

  7. The Bobster Says:

    She sounds bored. Have you been being too nice? Too perfect? Too boring?

  8. Forsaken Says:

    Doesn’t sound like there’s much you can do. If you’ve been through councelling and she still wants a divorce, she’s pretty sure about it. I know it hurts and it’s really bad but you have to try and accept it and move on. Good luck.

  9. mrs. andersen! =) Says:

    Its always possible to fall back in love. Dont give up.

  10. Jenna's baby 2/7/10 Says:

    your wife is breaking her family apart for her own selfish gain. She will pay the price later at her judgement. This makes her an unbelieving spouse in Jesus’ eyes because a believing spouse can not leave except for adultry which you don’t mention. You are FREE to remarry and your ex will be the one to pay for her selfishness. Good luck.

    Also, if you have kids under the age of 18, fight like hell to get custody of them. I don’t feel the parents who rips the family apart (except for adultry, abuse, etc), should have the primary parenting role.

  11. myamya Says:

    Do you really want someone to be miserable just so you can be happy? I would much rather be with someone that DOES want to be with me. If she stays just to make you happy, what’s to stop her from cheating? And at that point she probably wouldn’t even try to hide it.