What is the cheapest way to file a divorce?

I need to know what the cheapest and smartest way to file a divorce would be, and do I need to file in the state that I was married? We got married in Washington state, and I now live in Tennessee, and he lives in Missouri. Thank you!

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    3 Responses to “What is the cheapest way to file a divorce?”

    1. sugar Says:

      if you are low income then it is free if you call leagal services in your area so google them up……if you can;t find them then ask the local welfare office for the number…..

    2. magick Says:

      The cheapest way is to file it in the court house where you live. You have to have established residency there. In your case , Tennessee.

    3. Smitty Says:

      You file in the state YOU are a current (established) resident.
      If you’ve lived in TN long enough to be a legal resident, that’s where you file.
      The court won’t care where "the other party" lives.
      Cheap? I don’t know about that.