What is the Cheapest way to get a divorce or a way to make the ex pay?

Nothing disputed, no kids, no property. He left state and we have been split for over a year. Both want the divorce, and both pretty broke. We have been married for nearly three years now.

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    6 Responses to “What is the Cheapest way to get a divorce or a way to make the ex pay?”

    1. lost_as_a_goose Says:

      In the state I live in, you can go to your Chancery Clerks office, pick up a "divorce packet" for $15.00. This is for a divorce of irreconcilable differences. It is a rough draft which you retype, then file at the Chancery Clerks office and pay a $53.00 filing fee. Approximately 60 days after you file, you will have a court date, the judge will sign and life goes on.

    2. JP Says:

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    3. michman Says:

      If you both agree get a lawyer and settle amicably. And ask him to pay as you do not have the money.

      If you do not agree on property or other items a $300 desk could end up costing $1000 in law & court fees.

      A fair deal is you both walking away feeling like you got screwed, there are NO winners in a divorce.

    4. TSW Says:

      you split evenly.
      split the divorce bill.

    5. Ashtin C Says:

      go to your court and get the papers and file your selve no lawyers or any thing in texas i paid like $400 i think and all the lawyers wanted like thousands as long as yall arent fighting over any thing like money cars are any thing thats the best way

    6. Nicole Says:

      Well there is no real way to "make the ex pay", especially since you have no kids and no property.
      If you’re in a community property state then all assets, and debts are split 50/50. If you had children you would get child support if you had custody. You may be able to request alimony however since you’re both pretty broke, its not likely you’ll get it unless you’ve been a stay at home wife and he worked, or if he makes more than you.
      I would file for divorce, you may be able to use abandonment depending on your state’s rules, and get it over with.