What is the impact of divorce on children?

I’m doing a Sociology project and I’m trying to figure out the different impacts of divorce on children.

Would you think that divorcing with children under thirteen is better than divorcing with children above thirteen? Why?
Thanks in advance.

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    4 Responses to “What is the impact of divorce on children?”

    1. Princess Says:

      It is MUCH less damaging then the children seeing the parents fight and being unhappy. The parents are better of divorcing if they are not happy together, to save their childrens minds.

    2. Norah Says:

      I think there would be major impact on the children if the parents were verbally abusive to each other, or always had major fights that the children always witness those acts. If the parents are physically/verbally abusive, I think it can have a bigger impact on children under 13 because when I studied Psychology, my lecturer kept saying that the period that you can get affected the most is your childhood which would lead to troubles in their later years. As for impacts, I would say it goes along the lines of children start socializing with bad influences, maybe start picking up bad habits such as drugs, drinking to cope with the high level of stress.

    3. mariasonawire Says:

      In our society it is fairly normal to have divorced parents so there is no social stigma. The impact comes from poor or high conflict co parenting situations. Co parents who do not plan or prepare but simply create 2 homes, shuttle the kid back and forth and fail to see the stress it can cause. Younger children cannot typically handle the back and forth every 2 days so custody should allow them to be in one place for at least 4 days. Then there is the boyfriend/girlfriend, step parent thing. Co parents fail to realize they can’t just bring a person into a kid’s life without a plan for what this person;s role will be.

      And I say they younger you set up 2 homes the better they will be able to adjust. The older they get, it becomes rougher for them to organize their books, sports equipment, and activity schedule based on whose house they will be at.

    4. pixiedust Says:

      I was 15 when my parents divorced. Although I was old enough to understand & lived w/ both parents being together for a lot of my childhood life, it was still awkward & a mess. I felt like I didn’t really get to know my dad as well as I should have. We would see him every other weekend & most of the time his gf would be around. So I never really got any one on one time with him. Also I had to sit & listen to my mom complain about my dad all the time. Although the divorce was basically at the fault of my dad, at least he didn’t complain about all the wrong things my mom did. I lost the family life. I really don’t know if it would have been easier if I was younger or not. I think it was easier for my to understand because I was over, however the process may not have been any easier or harder.
      All I have to say to parents who are going through a divorce is don’t say anything bad about he other parent in front of your children. Make it easy for the children to see both parents equally. If someone new comes into your life, make sure your still have alone time for your children, & make sure the new person treats your children well (is nice to them & does not ignore them, etc).