What Kinds of Lawsuits Do Florida Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Florida personal injury lawyers are specially qualified to handle a variety of civil lawsuits revolving around personal injuries or wrongful deaths caused by another person or company’s negligence. While most people think of personal injury strictly in terms of something directly hurting them, there are several different types of lawsuits that fall under this title. Florida personal injury lawyers often specialize in a specific type of personal injury, but all are qualified to handle personal injury lawsuits in general.

Wrongful death is the most serious of personal injury claims. If a spouse or parent dies due to the actions of another person, you can sue for damages that cover a wide range of losses. The most obvious is recovery of any medical expenses incurred while treating the person for the injuries that led to his or her death. You can also recover any costs surrounding funeral expenses and other services. Most Florida personal injury lawyers will tell you that the bulk of a settlement or award in a wrongful death accident is a result of compensatory damages meant to replace the income that the person would have earned had they lived a normal life span. For instance, if a husband or father dies, the lawsuit will take into consideration the fact that the family will no longer get his income to live on or his contribution as a parent, which can add up to millions of dollars assuming he would have lived for decades longer.

Product liability cases are the trickiest type of personal injury lawsuits to pursue. Florida personal injury attorneys have to consider who is ultimately at fault for a product that causes an injury to a client. There are three different types of product defect to take into consideration: defect in the design, manufacturing defects and defect in marketing. If the design is at fault, a lawsuit will be filed against the designer, while a manufacturing defect means a lawsuit against either the factory that made a specific defective part or the manufacturer who improperly assembled the product. Defect in marketing usually refers to advertising or marketing that is dangerous, misleading or simply doesn’t clearly indicate who should or shouldn’t use the product. Breach of warranty is another valid reason to sue under product liability in the state of Florida.

There are many people along the product chain who may be liable, including the parts manufacturer, the assembly provider, wholesaler and retailers of faulty products. Florida personal injury attorneys will need to do extensive research to determine who is at fault before filing a personal injury case on your behalf.

Vehicle accidents are by far the most common of personal injury lawsuits in the state of Florida. If you’ve been in a vehicular accident, Florida personal injury lawyers can help you recoup lost wages, cost of medical care and punitive damages for pain and suffering. While an insurance company may handle a basic claim, you should never settle for what the other driver’s insurance company offers as a settlement without talking to an attorney. Insurance companies have their own lawyers so it makes sense to consult with one of the many Florida personal injury lawyers who handle vehicle accidents in order to protect your rights.

Slip and fall accidents or tripping accidents are any case in which you were injured due to an obstruction that caused you to fall during the normal course of navigating through your day. You may trip over an uneven rug, fall because someone’s sidewalk is in poor condition or stumble and break a bone because a store’s floor was wet and there was no warning sign or effort to keep the area clean and dry. If you’re injured due to a fall, don’t assume you are okay without being checked out by a doctor. In many cases, there are lingering effects that aren’t noticeable until a few days later, so always report even the most minor slip and fall accidents to the owner of the property where the fall occurs and follow up with a law office that has Florida personal injury lawyers on staff.

Talking to a group of Florida personal injury lawyers or an individual attorney specializing in personal injury can protect your right to compensation and help you get the help you need and deserve.

Florida personal injury attorney will help you to get the money you deserved from any accidents. Florida personal injury attorneys will help you from the beginning to the end of the process.
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