What percentage of divorced people get another divorce?

I’m wondering how much the 50% divorce rate has been inflated by people who have had multiple divorces. Does anyone know what percentage of divorced people get another divorce?

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4 Responses to “What percentage of divorced people get another divorce?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    The percentages actually increase with each divorce. It goes from 50% To up around 60-65% For second marriages.

  2. Their mommy! Says:

    60-67% of second marriages end in divorce and 70-73% of third marriages end.

  3. taljalea Says:

    I would have to agree with the person who placed those percentages. My ex husband married 14 months after we divorced and he and that wife divorced 14 months later. He has been with his third wife now for almost 5 years. They have had two together to add to the five total between them bringing their round number to 7 kids.

  4. Rubixbre Says:

    Hi Katie,
    To help with your question, the 50% only represents first marriages that fail. 67% for 2nd marriages, and 74% for 3rd marriages. There are some different percentages, some that are a little lower than those, but the trend is that the more times a person gets married, the easier or more common it is to divorce. It’s reason enough for me to understand why prenup agreements are very important! Hope that helps.