What to Do After an Auto Accident

Being involved in an auto accident is a highly stressful situation. The very word ‘accident’ indicates an unexpected event which can wreak havoc in your life or the life of a loved one. Even when you are a careful, defensive driver, an auto accident can still occur. Knowing what to do can help to make a stressful situation more bearable.

Before an Auto Accident Happens

Being prepared before an auto accident occurs is one way to protect yourself and your family. The trunk area of your car should hold an “emergency kit” which contains:
• Pen
• Paper
• An index card with medical information for each member of your family
• The name and phone number of an emergency contact, and an alternate
• Emergency flares, warning triangles or safety cones

Top 8 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

1) Stay calm. This may be difficult, but screaming at others helps no one.
2) Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Your safety is far more important than any vehicle damage.
3) Call an ambulance if someone is injured.
4) Call the police whether injury has occurred or not. Do not leave the accident scene before police arrive.
5) If there are no serious injuries or vehicle damage, move your vehicle away from moving traffic. Turn on your hazard lights. If necessary, use cones, flares or triangles.
6) Contact your insurance agent immediately to report the auto accident.
7) Contact an experienced auto accident attorney.
8) Immediately note details about the auto accident: time of accident, damage to vehicles, names and insurance information of other drivers, names and phone numbers of any witnesses. If you have a camera, you may wish to take pictures of the vehicles and the accident scene.

Because emotions will be running high, you may feel an urgent need to obtain detailed facts about the auto accident. However, your health and safety, and that of your passengers, is the most important concern. It is the job of police officers and insurance companies to investigate the facts of your auto accident.

Working with an Auto Accident Attorney

Do not sign any documents, admit fault, accuse the other driver or discuss the auto accident with anyone until you have spoken with a highly qualified auto accident attorney who understands how to communicate with authorities.

If a representative of an insurance company for one of the other drivers contacts you to discuss the case, politely decline and refer the insurance company to your attorney. Your best protection against potentially costly mistakes is to allow your auto accident attorney to represent you in this claim. Your attorney will also help you determine the best time to make a claim for auto injuries.

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