What type of court do you go to for divorce papers?

planning on getting a divorce i know you have to go to the county courthouse just not sure which department.. would it be family? civil?

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    9 Responses to “What type of court do you go to for divorce papers?”

    1. olderbutwiser Says:

      By all means, you need to hire a lawyer, and let him handle this. You would be a lot better off in the long run!

    2. yp_vivian_tacoma Says:

      You go to Superior Court. But you can get them online. What ever state you live in just type in "WA state Superior Court," on Google. or wa.state.gov for instance.

      They even have step by step instructions to do it yourself.

    3. bustersmycat Says:

      Divorce is a civil (not criminal) matter but usually is even more specifically a matter for family court, if there is such a division where you live.

      If you ask, you will get directed to the right place. I would recommend going it on your own ONLY if the divorce is a very simple matter (both parties totally agree and there are no children and no financial complications). Otherwise you just cannot imagine the amount of misery to your life that can come up because you made the mistake of thinking it was a simple little matter to deal with.

    4. Juliet Says:

      Family court..in your town

    5. charles c Says:

      you need to go to Civil Court and ask the clerk for an Uncontested Divorce Kit, they may have it, if not just ask the clerk whatever questions you may have.

    6. Not Says:

      civil documents at your Superior Court.you would file Pro Se to represent yourself.all divorce lawyers will do is try to set you up for contempt cases and try to put you in a revolving money trap.the judge will likely do whatever the judge ordinarily does,no matter what.they just seem to do their same job as always,despite what the specifics of a case may be,so having an attorney represent you will probably be a mistake.just remember,anything that is put in a court order that you can not kep up with leads yto a contempt charge,and they will threaten you with jail for it

    7. Mr.NastytheLickmaster Says:

      family court is a part of the civil docket, but it is a family matter.

    8. Jack P Says:

      It depends on your state. You may just have a general "clerk of courts" office that handles all filings. That’s what we have here in Pennsylvania. Going to the family division may do you no good, as that’s where they handle cases that are already in process. Find your county clerk of courts and start there.

    9. educated mom Says:

      The court house is the last and final place you go to start a divorce process. First, you need an attorney. He/she will tell you what you need to do.