What type of laws exist in SC pertaining to probate and wills?

Can anyone tell me of a legit website that could help with probate laws involving wills in South Carolina? I need to know what procedures are necessary to make a dying will and are there any other documents involved. Does the inheritor keep the will in their possession or in their safety deposit box, etc.? What process is there during the reading of the will? who does it? and anything you think may be useful?

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One Response to “What type of laws exist in SC pertaining to probate and wills?”

  1. cyanne2ak Says:

    In south carolina a will must have:
    1. testator’s capacity:
    They must be CAPABLE of knowing what they have, that they are disposing of their property upon death, and the members of their family.
    2. testator’s intent:
    They must Intend to dispose of the property upon their death.
    3. Formalities:
    The will must be signed by the testator and 2 witnesses WHO SEE THE TESTATOR SIGN, and all sign at the same time.
    The will must be clearly marked as a last will and testament and the witnesses must actually KNOW that it is a will they are witnessing.

    Websites are not a good idea! They often contain false information or generalized information. Your best option is an attorney. Wills are pretty cheap as far as legal documents go.