What would happen to the divorce rate if alimony was made illegal?

If every divorce ended with both parties walking away with what they put in and none of them getting a cent out of the other person, what would happen to the divorce rate.

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    7 Responses to “What would happen to the divorce rate if alimony was made illegal?”

    1. kheserthorpe Says:

      Many regions have pretty much scrapped alimony.

      However, they set child support at de-facto alimony rates.

      A more interesting question would be ‘what if 50/50 physical custody with child support being a small rebalancing was normal’

      The answer to that is the divorce rate falls somewhat.

      In the ‘west’, 2/3 of divorces are filed by women. Some places have moved to a standard 50/50 model, and in those locations I believe the rate at which women file for divorce drops to be closer to the rate at which men file.

    2. Mr O Says:

      the divorce rate would stay the same, but the marriage rate would go way down.

    3. lunatic Says:

      The divorce rate would go down but the suicide and murder rates would go up.

    4. Jackie Says:

      I think alimony is a small contributor to the divorce rate. There are so many women who, the only thing they want from the guy, is freedom. Money is their last concern.

    5. me me me Says:

      there would be more depression and murders

    6. Hal Says:

      Abolishing alimony would have a small effect on the divorce rate or the marriage rate. I’m a Texas divorce lawyer, and I’d say that alimony is only granted in a small percentage of the divorces. At least in Texas, the judges feel strongly that each person should earn his/her own way. Alimony usually only comes up if one party becomes disabled, or if they’ve been out of the workforce for a long time and need to spiff up their education/training to get a job to earn their own way.

      Making alimony illegal would be fundamentally unfair: if the couple vowed to take care of each other in sickness and in health, and after 20 years of marriage one party develops Lupus or some other disability, it would be unfair to just dump them on welfare.

      You also said "not getting a cent out of the other person," which ignores the fact that marriage is also a business partnership, and generally what they get during the marriage belongs to both of them, no matter who actually has control of it at the time of divorce.

    7. Peter Says:

      Alimony, in my opinion, is a bonus. The real issue is if you live in a community property state.