When Accidents Happen—what You Need to Know About Colorado Personal Injury

Broadly defined, Colorado personal injury is sustained when an accident occurs outside the workplace due to negligence of another person. Negligence is often defined as the failure of the liable individual to act as any reasonable person would. These injuries could be of physical as well as emotional in nature. Examples of personal injuries are automobile accidents and assaults in which the injured party seeks legal means in order to compel the liable individual to pay for compensation. Those experiencing Colorado personal injury would do well to seek advice and assistance of a competent lawyer as soon as the accident happened in order to ensure rightful compensation can be demanded.

Being in an accident takes a great toll on the victim, especially if he or she is not liable for the act. To begin, the person sustaining Colorado personal injury might not be able to report for work, might be forced to pay for emergency medical services, experience physical and emotional sufferings, and may even bear permanent scars and dismemberment. Death may also occur, in which case the surviving spouse and legal dependents would be entitled to benefits.


One of the challenges in lawsuits asking for compensation for Colorado personal injury would be to establish the liability of the defendant. This is termed legal causation and competent lawyers trained in Colorado personal injury cases would be an invaluable asset in these types of legal proceedings.

Before initiating legal proceedings, however, plaintiffs need to know some of the types of counteractions and factors that may prevent them from collection compensation. These include intentional miscues of a product and the possible contribution of the plaintiff to the occurrence of the injury. Some government officials are also given immunity from Colorado personal injury lawsuits.

A good number of Colorado personal injury cases involve dangerous or defective products, in which the burden of proof lies in the plaintiff. The plaintiff must prove that the product was not misused and had inherent manufacturing or design defects that lead to subsequent injuries.

When contemplating to pursue a Colorado personal injury claim, the advice of a competent personal injury is important. Among the lawyer’s responsibilities include assessing the merits of the case, preparing the necessary documents, investigate the complaint thoroughly, knowing how to deal with insurance companies, pursuing the case even if it reaches the trial stage, and not collect fees unless a settlement has been made.

Sometimes, Colorado personal injury cases may result in wrongful death cases. In such instances, damages are also collected and given to beneficiaries of the victim. There are several factors considered when calculating the amount of compensation, and a Colorado personal injury lawyer with vast experience in this legal aspect would be able to competently negotiate for the amount deemed appropriate by both parties.

Though most Colorado personal injury cases rarely results in imprisonment or criminal fines, punitive damages may be imposed by courts, depending on the gravity of the injury. Though the amount would be given to the victim or beneficiaries, the primary goal for this particular ruling is to prevent the liable individual from repeating the same negligence in the future.
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