When the US Bar Matters

As someone who has worked with numbers his whole life, I tend to collect and remember certain numbers, especially numbers that are scary. Currently the federal debt of the United States is around $8 trillion with every American family contributing $28,000. This is rather scary. What is worse is another number. There have been about a million lawyers who passed the United States bar.

This is the only civilization that encountered a million lawyers. No one knows of we ourselves could handle this many lawyers. We also need lawyers in our society in order for it to continue moving. We need lawyers for all sorts of things including patent lawyers, contract lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, corporate lawyers, and defense attorneys. This is where personal injury lawyers and class action lawyers belong to a class by themselves in terms of how they assist society.  Directly punishing people for the sins they commit is God and this is the strong belief of the religious people.

A few thousand years ago, God sent a terrible flood that drowned all but Noah and a chosen few. With the Jews in bondage, God sent seven plagues upon Egypt later on. A number of people in Europe ended up as casualties of the black plague in the Middle Ages. It is the personal injury lawyers in the United States which is the epitome of all punishments ever to be experienced by mankind.  Any kind of injury is the concern of all personal injury lawyers. Hoping for some well deserved rest and relaxation time, a man called BC went to the city of Brooklyn for example. While he was in pursuit of his R&R BC was hit on the head by what he described as the massive boobs of one of the dancers there. Inevitable were contusions, lacerations, and several bruises mainly from the impact. From the lawyer of BC came the demand for $200,000 in compensation for indignity, mental anguish, and emotional stress. An attack from the 57 inch bosoms may have led to the emotional stress and mental anguish of BC later on.

Manhattan has popular coffee shops that a Canadian in New York City panned to visit from a cup of coffee for himself. Another thing he did was use the toilet there. While seated he tried to get some toilet paper for himself. Other than severe pain, the man also suffered tremendously as his manhood was clamped on the toilet bowl after his seat shifted unexpectedly. If the one million dollar injury lawsuit was not bad enough, the man’s wife is also suing them for the loss of his marital services for another $500,000. It is interesting to note that he places twice the value on his damaged personal equipment than does his wife.

The society we belong to today has an attitude of pinning personal mistakes on others. It seemed like a good idea for one Pensacola, Fla man to drink with some friends. This man was with a lot of friends and he drank a lot and afterwards he wandered off into the wee hours of the night where he passed out on the railroad tracks.  He did not see it coming, there was a train and his right hand was severed. Is it terrible? The railroad company was sued for negligence because he was sleeping on the tracks still they let a train pass. Damages amounting to $900,000 were paid.

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