When to claim for personal injury

Here are just some of the occasions when it might be possible to put in a claim:

1. Have you suffered an injury as the result of an accident at work?

Whether it was in the workplace or while elsewhere, if you’ve been injured while in the line of duty, then it could be worth a claim. If you’ve suffered a loss of earnings or can’t work as a result of what happened, speak to a legal team today.

2. Have you developed an asbestos-related illnesses

Diseases relating to asbestos, such as Asbestosis and Mesothelioma, can take decades to manifest, so even if you were exposed many years ago in a previous job, you could still be entitled to claim.

3. Have you been injured in a road traffic accident?

If you have been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault – as a driver, passenger or even pedestrian – and it resulted in an injury, speak to an expert about what you could claim.

4. Have you been injured by defective product or appliance?

If faulty products – such as toys, an iron or any product – have injured you or a member of your family, then it’s worth speaking to a professional legal expert to ascertain your legal rights.

5. Have you been injured in public?

If a hazard in public caused an accident which left you injured in any way – or damaged your property – compensation could still be heading your way.

6. Have you suffered an injury or illness while on holiday abroad?

If you’ve fallen on a wet floor, tripped on broken stairs or even suffered food poisoning at a restaurant or your hotel, then you may have a right to be compensated.

7. Are you the victims of a crime?

If a crime you were the victim of has had a physical or psychological impact on your well-being, then you could claim – even if the person who committed the crime is never caught.

8. Have you suffered as the result of medical negligence?

Operations sometimes go wrong. If you’ve been left worse off after a surgical procedure, then you may be entitled to claim.

So if you’ve suffered a personal injury, then speak to a legal expert about your right to claim.

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Injury claims not only get the compensation people deserve, but they also ensure that something is done to minimise the chances of the accident occurring again in the future. A solicitor like Fentons operate a No Win No Fee basis for personal injury claims, so why not get in touch?
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