When Your Child is Injured by a Driver While Playing

Drivers that are traveling on public roadways have a responsibility to watch out for pedestrians and other hazards on the road. This is especially true for children who are playing near roadways. Many neighborhoods have signs posted that warn drivers to slow down for playing children and some neighborhoods that are enclosed within a certain set of roadways even institute speed bumps that require that people drive slowly to avoid damaging their car. Even with all of these safeguards in place, there are still drivers that are careless around playing children and sometimes tragedy strikes.

If your child is injured or has died as a result of a reckless driver who was not paying attention to people or hazards in the road then you deserve to receive compensation, because you will have many costs as a result of the accident, especially if medical treatment is needed for a long period of time. Tour insurance may only covers part of the costs of the hospitalization, medicines and physical therapy. Funeral costs are also run very high and if the car in question was negligent then they certainly deserve to pay for their mistake.

Often, a child does not need to be playing in the road or in the direct area of traffic. This may be the case in your situation and if so, then the driver of the vehicle is even more liable for their actions. This can include children playing on the sidewalk or in the yard, or riding their bikes at the shoulder of the road. This also sometimes includes schoolyards where the driver leaves the road and strikes children that are playing on the playground. There are reasons for this that range from distracted driving to operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Car accidents involving children playing on near the road fall under pedestrian law and you need a pedestrian accident lawyer to assist you. Ledger and Associates has more than ten years of experience dealing with car accidents and personal injury cases. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially if a car is negligent and hits your child. Drivers need to be aware and responsible when navigating our roadways and a California accident attorney is vital to proving that the car was negligent. Contact Ledger & Associates to get the compensation you deserve from this tragic situation.

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