Which University degree?!?

I’m stuck between medicine, physiotherapy, or law-criminology/psychology.

Medicine would be great if I got accepted, but it is a six year course and very hard work.
Physiotherapy is something I would love, but the pay is not very good (so I’ve been told), and there is alot of physical work involved and so injury/other may restrict this.
Law is an easy course to get into and easy to pass, and also only 4 years. However I’m pretty sure it takes ages to work your way to being a solicitor or lawyer as you start working very low down the ranks.
Mu parent reckon medicine or law, but I’m just not sure.



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    2 Responses to “Which University degree?!?”

    1. Toshi Says:

      Do what you like to do. Not what your parents want you to do. because you will come to regret it later.

      Physiotherapy is a great occupation. It is pretty well paid. It is also a job that is regarded well in most developed nations, where it is highly thought after.
      If it wasn’t for physios, I don’t reckon I would be walking straight any more… after all those football (soccer) injuries I have had over the years! Hooray for physios!

    2. chicky_dee Says:

      Physiotheripsts are very highly regarded health practitioners who work in hospitals dr clinics or out on their own. I would choose physio but you need a score in the 90’s to accepted into the four year degree