whiplash car accident?

hi whats happened is i was a passenger in a accident last year dec and ,last month i was in pain when we put the claim in recently i been geting massages and have used a gel which a doctor gave me i am at the stage where they should soon send me a letter to meet the doctor who checks for whiplash injuries but i have fully recovered from my injuries should i contact the solicitors who are dealing with the case (what should i say) and tell them or should i wait for the appointment and go to it and tell the doctor im fine .. any advice thanks (do not say go the the appointment and take the money i dont need the money thanks) (also the claim is not with the drivers insurance it is with someone else but they did not charge him)

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    3 Responses to “whiplash car accident?”

    1. bobby Says:

      My best advice to you is to tell the truth if you have recovered.

    2. Ed Fox Says:

      If you are fully recovered from your "whiplash" you have nothing to claim for because you would seem to have exaggerated your condition. People genuinely suffering whiplash injuries are usually affected for years, sometimes for the rest of their life

    3. Yen Mowder Says:

      Many of these insurance companies are always ripping you off at every chance they get. I had ONE accident in which the damage was smaller than the deductible, so I for it myself. But when I had to renew my policy, they charged me extra. It’s absolutely rediculous. I had to change, luckily, I found this info here: http://yoursaveinsuranceconnect.tk and was able to quickly find the lowest rate currently with the same policy. I think I dropped my rate by around $180