whiplash car accident?

hi whats happened is i was a passenger in a accident last year dec and ,last month i was in pain when we put the claim in recently i been geting massages and have used a gel which a doctor gave me i am at the stage where they should soon send me a letter to meet the doctor who checks for whiplash injuries but i have fully recovered from my injuries should i contact the solicitors who are dealing with the case (what should i say) and tell them or should i wait for the appointment and go to it and tell the doctor im fine .. any advice thanks (do not say go the the appointment and take the money i dont need the money thanks) (also the claim is not with the drivers insurance it is with someone else but they did not charge him)

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    One Response to “whiplash car accident?”

    1. Mushu Says:

      You’ve already asked this question and were advised to contact the attorney, that is your best bet