whiplash compensation?

my partner has been offered compo for a claim, on the letter it also states out of pocket expenses and one of these is insurers outlay. Is that what my insurer has paid already for car repairs to my vehicle thus these goes direct to them, or does it go to him, or is it deducted from the personal injury? It was other partys fault and they have admitted liability. His solicitor is never available to answer.

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2 Responses to “whiplash compensation?”

  1. iormina lallier Says:

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  2. mbrcatz Says:

    Yes. That’s what your insurance company has already paid, and they ARE entitled to full reimbursement for what they paid out on your behalf already.

    It might be for damages to the car, or it might be for medical bills, or it might be both – you should have an idea of how much it cost to fix your car!

    Yes. You cannot collect twice, once from your insurance, once from the other insurance, for the same thing. So your insurance gets "dibs" to be reimbursed from the other insurance company.