Who would have to pay my girlfriends claim?

My car was hit by another vehicle from the side. Me and my girlfriend both claimed for injury but the other driver didn’t admit fault and made up an excuse. Because there were no witnesses my solicitors say it most likely 50:50 fault. Who would have to pay for mine and especially my girlfriends claim?

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5 Responses to “Who would have to pay my girlfriends claim?”

  1. MSAD Says:

    Most likely your girl friend will get 50% of her claim paid by YOUR insurance and 50% by the other guys insurance.

    State law will govern if you get anything.

    If you are in a Contributory negligence state – you get nothing.

    If you are in a modified comparative negligence state – maybe – depends on which form of modified comparative negligence.

    In a pure comparative negligence state – you would get 50% of your claim paid by the other guys insurance.

  2. wookie Says:

    You file claim on the other party and she files claim on both.

  3. David Stephens Says:

    what does your insurance company say? they won’t want to pay out so sic them onto it

  4. Eddie O'hara Says:

    your own insurance company

  5. Ginger Says:

    If you live in a state with personal injury protection, your own car policy will cover the first dollars of your injury, this is what they mean by no fault coverage, doesn’t matter who si at fault, your own policy pays.
    With the car, your policy will pay subject to the deductible to repair it.