Why do married couples so easily point to divorce as an option in their marriage?

Why do married couples so easily divorce? What do you think the grounds for divorce are? How much should we try before looking to divorce as an option?

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    12 Responses to “Why do married couples so easily point to divorce as an option in their marriage?”

    1. :) Says:

      I think divorce really should be the last option. If either of the spouses have cheated or had an affair then I think they are good grounds for a divorce.
      A lot of people just get bored or complacent or simply fall out of love with each other. But I feel that if you fell in love with somebody once then you can do it all over again for the sake of your marriage 🙂

    2. Katie M Says:

      Many people are just lazy, some think the grass is greener on the other side and some just don’t take their vows seriously. For me there are 3 deal-breakers:

    3. Steve-O in AZ Says:

      According to my ex-wife, it was an easy option. If a couple makes the commitment of marriage, they should try very hard.

    4. Lynn Says:

      Because divorce is so much easier than working together to solve the issues. The only REAL issues that I wouldn’t attempt to work out with my hubby would be cheating. In my book, it’s unforgivable. All other issues can be resolved peacefully and without divorce.

    5. kayla n Says:

      When people get married they say "till death do us part" but a lot of people don’t hold up to that promise. In my opinion, things should be thoroughly talked out before divorce is an option, ESPECIALLY if the couple has children. A lot of couples like to take the "easy way out" but some can’t help that their partner won’t change for the better. If the relationship is abusive, mentally or physically, or there is adultery within the relationship, the couple should first try to resolve the problem..but if all else fails, divorce is something that should be discussed.

    6. ZCT Says:

      I don’t think it is the place of the government or the church for that matter to interfere with people’s lives in this way.

      If people want a divorce that is up to them.

    7. So Lost Says:

      I’m not sure why everyone is saying that divorce is easy, It’s not easy, it’s a pain in the butt to get everything done, and it’s completely heartbreaking.

      If there’s cheating or constant fighting or abuse, or the relationship is just toxic, it’s best for your personal health to divorce, and even then, it’s not easy and still very sad.

    8. One cold winter's night....... Says:

      I would try till the very end.

    9. Queenie Says:

      adultery is the only excuse

    10. georgiarose Says:

      It depends on what caused the marriage to end. I think for me the definite breaking point would be cheating, physical abuse, and just not being able to get along to the point where mentally and spiritually it’s becoming unhealthy. A person man or woman can only take so much. I believe that most people resort to divorce simply because there is no hope for moving past the issues. I don’t think that divorce should be the first option, but for some people it’s easier to just walk away then to have to deal with it at all. It’s less work. But for anyone who’s been married a long time will tell you it takes a lot of work to keep a marriage from crumbling.

    11. dvnt1 Says:

      For me, the deal breaker is when one spouse/partner breaks their vows/commitment. I’m all for making it work, but it takes two. One person can’t do it alone, they’ll be miserable and resentful in the end. Who wants to live that kind of life?

    12. 2012soc Says:

      Because culture says that "the grass is greener on the other side" even through research consistenty shows that people who separate, divorce, or even cohabit have worse mental health than do their married counterparts, not to mention that their children’s physical and mental health outcomes tend to be worse across the life course as well.