Why don't republicans want to allow people to create Living wills or Health Care Power of Attorneys?

Why do they want to force terminal people to live on tubes and machines by taking away their ability to discuss their instructions with their Physicians?
Especially to be resuscitated – over and over and over again – it’s horrendous.
Congress is on recess and the committees aren’t done with "the bill".
There are dozens of links:
Senate Committee on Health Education Labor & Pensions:
House of Representatives Ways & Means Committee:
House of representatives Committee on Energy & Commerce:
House of representatives Education & Labor Committee:

I think there are more, here are the main sites.
Why would the government be involved in it?
The bill only proposed allowing the physician to bill the time to the health insurance.

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    22 Responses to “Why don't republicans want to allow people to create Living wills or Health Care Power of Attorneys?”

    1. Protect America from Republicans Says:

      They do.

      Newt gingrich and sarah palin both have spoken in favor of living wills, until it was in the obama plan, then they called it "death squad".

      Rush limbaugh even does radio commericals for living wills.

      Republicans lie like crazy.

    2. jake's mom Says:

      because they don’t get any money out of it.

    3. Semos Says:

      Ever heard of an attorney? We use them.

    4. Texas Patriot Says:

      YOu can have living wills today. What’s stopping you?

    5. Big Bear Says:

      I do not.

    6. walleye1 Says:

      It was just an easy scare for them. Didn’t matter that it was proposed by a republican.

    7. You Betcha, I'll be Back! Says:

      Go to your computer store and buy the software livingwill, or willpower or the others. Just like Turbo Tax, and it;s all legal.

    8. Little clev Says:

      Read the bill http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf

    9. eir Says:

      one of the first questions a healthcare professional asks you to contemplate and declare is your advance directives. and that is true whether you are a repub or dem..no one ever asks what your political affiliation is in regards to advance directives. it is the express wishes of the patient and/or the poma.

    10. El Scott Says:

      It’s not that people don’t want this, we don’t want the government being involved with it. It is a personal decision………..not one for the Government. Just like I don’t want the Government able to look at my medical records. I have a living will and power of attorney arranged already. It’s called being responsible.

      Independent Conservative.

    11. Member of the Rebel Alliance Says:

      If people want ot create Living wills or Health Care Power of Attorneys, than they can with their families…….NOT because they’re MANDATED by the Government!

      If you want to be just left to die, fine – that’s your choice.
      Don’t force others to make the same.

    12. robot_hooker5 Says:

      That’s a straw-man argument. Republicans are fine with people creating living wills and giving attorneys power, so long as those are choices those people are making of their own free will and not being forced or coerced into by the state.

    13. bash Says:

      They DID!! Up until their own party included it in the bill. Suddenly, they are up in arms about something they have championed and wanted for 2 decades. Sarah Palin was FOR ‘death panels’ before she was against them: http://thinkprogress.org/2009/08/13/palin-deathpanel-flipflop/

    14. emp Says:

      Excuse me? We don’t want to be forced to discuss anything which is exactly what the wording in the house bill tells doctors they MUST do.

    15. aimee c Says:

      they dont knw themselves they just know that health care reform is something that Obama is trying to push so they are against it

    16. randall flag Says:

      my lie-o-meter just went off the chart as i read your stupid lie

    17. hello kitty Says:

      they did before they didn’t. palin, grassley, and gingrich (as recently as a couple of months ago) didn’t have a problem with it. now, it’s being used as a scare tactic.

    18. Greg Says:

      That amendment was created and sponsored by republicans.

      I think your fight is with the nut jobs showing up at those town halls.

    19. Paula Says:

      Republicans "want [] people to create Living wills or Health Care Power of Attorneys".

      Republicans DON’T "want [government bureaucrats] to create Living wills or Health Care Power of Attorneys [FOR people, without regard to what the people wanted]".

    20. Shovel Ready Says:

      Your question is absurd. You make Democrats look like idiots. You give the impression that you think, if the government isn’t controlling something, it doesn’t happen. Sheesh.

    21. Flyin_Low Says:

      They want to continue with an unfunded federal mandate. This discussion is required now under federal regulations enacted in 1992

    22. wolfe49er Says:

      So I see people don’t want the government making decisions for them. Yet they screamed like crazy when people tried to fight the Patriot Act (you remember the one where you can be arrested and held without do process for being a threat to the government and where they can listen to your phone calls). You were Un-American for voicing against the Patriot Act.

      Now the ones making that claim are claiming you are Un-American for letting the government make decisions.

      Doesn’t anyone see the total hypocrisy here. I guess not, they keep going to FOX for the no spin game.
      Funny thing is they are being spun so much they are to dizzy to see anything.

      You see the reality is it is not that they are upset about "the government" just so it’s their government…..

      Uncle use to say if you speak the truth and someone is offended by it….
      it was meant for them to hear….
      Thumbs down all you want!!!