Why would a personal injury attorney not hire a doctor when he says that is what you need to win your case?

It’s over with now-Attorney bowed out. The case,like most all personal injury cases like this,needs a Dr’s ovarall opionion of the injury.This was a serious,life changing knee surgery for my elder Mom.He stated halfway through,I’m hiring a Dr to look at all records and write a report if all damages was result of the fall.We knew it was but he’s the lawyer.He said without an orthopedic Dr.linking it all together,there would be no case.No Dr. was hired even when he said he was hiring one.This case is all about getting the last,but what should have been first,thing.A Dr’s opionion and report if he was willing.Insurance took liabiltiy but without a Dr to tie up one,and I mean only one thing,this very honest claim is being let go.My Mom can live with the loss of the money,but what about trusting and reliability of the Attorney.Too much other stuff to mention but thats the just strange to me.Any ideas about this would like to hear.Thanks

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    2 Responses to “Why would a personal injury attorney not hire a doctor when he says that is what you need to win your case?”

    1. WATCHDOG Says:

      Problem, there were reports generated by the doctor who original treated your mother and performed the surgery, Your mothers claim that it happened when she fell is all that is needed to relate it to the injury and if the entity where the accident occurred wants to dispute it they have to prove the surgery was not related to the fall and they cannot do that unless the treating physician relates it to a natural deterioration of the joint. You need a new lawyer and depending on where you are they will take it on a contingency basis where they do not get paid unless you win.}{

    2. john s Says:

      sometimes in england solicitors take on cases with the intention of losing. If say a deposit of 1000 gbp is paid for initial work then the lawyer/solicitor would be better off spending 4 hours then saying the case is no good rather than spending 20 hours and being paid 2000 gbp