Win The Battle With Jones Act Law

Thinking about the whole news on the oils spill offshore, the accidents and the injuries that made the workers suffers, lost their job and the source of their living. Maritime Industry was one of the riskiest industry. Because of the working routine in the said industry the workers were prone to injuries and accidents. They cannot tell if they were safe or how long they would be safe. Basically maritime workers were working long number of working hours compared to the regular number of working hours, also they were working away to the open sea for a couple of month, being away was along with lack of proper medical attention and may lead to health complications. These were the common reasons of the occurrence of accidents in maritime industries.

Senator Wesley Jones passed the law for the protection and stated the rights and claims of the seamen and maritime workers to avoid negligence. This law was the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 or it was commonly known as the Jones Act Law. The maritime workers were entitled to full compensation under the Jones Act for the impact their injuries have on their livelihood if they were injured. In land maritime injuries, ferry or water taxi injuries, tanker or cargo ship injuries, offshore rig injuries, tugboat or barge injuries, fishing trawler injuries and work boat injuries were some of those covered by the Jones Act Law.

It was not easy to have the career under the maritime industry you were risking your life, though you were entitled by high compensation. Because of the given risk for the field that you have chosen, you should make a step by yourself, Jones Act law was there to protect you and make sure that you were aware of your privileges and claims in the event of the occurrence of unexpected instances. The law was quit complicated but its a must for you to absolve it. There were other employer that did not give the full claim to the employee if one of them met and accident or suffered and injury, because of Jones Act Law, you as a maritime worker would not experienced negligence from the company that you were rendering your service. Don not even think twice to fight for right because you deserve to be treated fairly.

Always remember what Sun Tzu had quoted “Know yourself and you will win all battles.” It was like saying know your rights and you would not lose the chance of having justice.

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Life seems to unpredictable, those who were not expected will came to life. For the workers rendering services to a maritime industry Jones Act Law was their shield while soaring the dangers of the open ocean.
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