Your Guide to Filing a Whiplash Injury Claim

Before filing a whiplash injury claim it is important for claimants to understand a few things about the procedure and requirements of filing whiplash claims. This article will elaborate on a few facts about filing a whiplash injury claim.

Whiplash injuries are a result of sudden impact. Usually whiplash injuries occur due to road accidents but at times these injuries can occur due to working for long periods of time in an awkward position. Whiplash injury claims can be filed for both the situations mentioned above but the protocol for filing a road accident claim and a work accident claim is different.

To file a whiplash injury claim for a road accident the claimant has to call the police while at the scene of the accident so that the police can file a police report. The claimant will be given a copy of this report for claim related purposes and for insurance purposes. To file work accident claim the claimant will have to report the accident to his boss so that the boss can enter these details into the accident at work book. This book allows employers to prevent similar accidents in the future and it also ensures that there is an official entry of the work accident.

The remaining steps for filing a whiplash injury claim for road accidents and work accidents are similar since both these accidents fall under the personal injury category. In both the situations claimants should search for a witness who was present at the scene of the accident since a witness may be required to testify in court. The claimant should ensure that the witness’s story matches with his own story since any discrepancies can cause whiplash claims to get rejected.

Claimants should keep in mind that despite the situation in which the whiplash injury occurred, it is very important to get all injuries checked. This step is especially important since claimants are not eligible to file personal injury claims unless they have suffered a bodily injury. Getting injuries checked ensures that there is a record of the injuries in the claimant’s medical files. Claimants should also collect documents such as medical papers, doctor’s notes, prescriptions, payment bills and receipts since a copy of these documents will have to be submitted while filing the whiplash injury claim.

If the claimant feels that he needs additional help to file the claim or if the claimant feels confused about claim related matters then he should hire a no win no fee personal injury solicitor. The main benefit of hiring a no win no fee personal injury solicitor is that the claimant gets claim related help and he does not have to pay any legal fees for the solicitor’s services. No fee solicitors can be found online through the help of search engines.

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