Anyone ever use the law offices of Saiontz Kirk & Miles for a personal injury case? Were you satisfied?

I’m not satisfied at all with their customer/client service or lack thereof. The paralegals act is if they could care less about you or your case – not that I was looking for sympathy from them after my accident. I just expected them to be courteous and polite. Since my car accident on 10/5/07 I have spoken to my so called lawyer once. When I call to ask a question he doesn’t return my call. This is my first accident and I’ve never filed a personal injury claim with the aid of an attorney. I do not know what to expect as it pertains to the steps involved in moving forward towards settlement. When I’ve called to ask questions – my lawyers paralegal (who apparantly does all the work while the attorney does nothing but still gets paid) responded to me in a demeaning way, as if I was supposed to know this info. already. She always acts as if she doesn’t have time to speak to me. I can’t be the only one that’s having issues with this law firm. They seem to be everywhere (TV, radio etc.,

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One Response to “Anyone ever use the law offices of Saiontz Kirk & Miles for a personal injury case? Were you satisfied?”

  1. Tryin to help Says:

    I had the same problem with rude attitude of the staff there a couple of months ago. I had to email a partner and tell her what was going on and she was very polite and apologetic. They ended up sending my case onto another law firm who is working on the settlement and I have yet to hear from them at all. I’m not very impressed with them either. I was actually planning on emailing the partner who I originally spoke with to discuss the matter with her. Perhaps you should try to go over your attorney if he isn’t one of the partners and just speak to one of them.